Electronic Music Platform Beatport Pivots to Web3 With an NFT Marketplace on Polkadot

The company also launched ‘NACHTS’, a collection of 175 unique portraits synced with music composed using AI models to create work based on Berlin’s city-wide shutdown during the pandemic.
Image source: Beatportal.com

Quick take:

  • Beatport has launched an NFT marketplace on Polkadot.
  • The iconic electronic music platform will issue a limited edition ‘NACHTS’ collection from Mischa Fanghaenel.
  • The company has partnered with Define Creative to launch Beatport.io on the Aventus parachain.

Beatport has launched an NFT marketplace on Polkadot. The electronic music platform is joining a growing list of music companies that have pivoted to web3. 

Beatport teamed up with Berlin-based web3 startup Define Creative to develop Beatport.io on Aventus, a parachain layer based on the Polkadot Network. The company also announced its inaugural NFT collection, ‘NACHTS’ – meaning “at night” in German.

‘NACHTS’ is a collection of 175 unique portraits featuring the original work of Berlin-based photographer Mischa Fanghaenel.  The collection, which draws inspiration from Berlin’s city-wide shutdown during the pandemic is also synced with music composed using AI models.

Beatport’s media services SVP Ed Hill the company will add techno elements to various NFT art drops, which it calls Music+.

“Music+’ refers to drops on Beatport.io that are more than just music, they’re cultural artefacts driven by the music creators.” Hill told Decrypt, adding, “Some of these projects may be more video-focused than musical. Beatport.io functions similarly to a marketplace like OpenSea where you can buy, sell and trade NFTs you own but with a very specific focus on electronic music.”

Beatport is an online store focusing on DJs, and selling full songs and resources used for creating remix music. The company has offices in Denver and Los Angeles in the US, as well as Berlin in Germany.

Beatport is joining the likes of LimeWire, Sound, Royal and LGND.io among others in the NFT music arena, as digital service providers (DSPs) continue to pivot and adopt new ways of sharing income with creators and their fans.

Beatport’s first NFT collection will be accompanied by exclusive music from producer DJ Len Faki.

Speaking to Decrypt, Faki added: “I am thrilled to have contributed a bonus track from my recently released double album ‘Fusion’ in collaboration with Mischa Fanghaenel for the NACHTS project,” he said. “This track was produced exclusively for the ‘NACHTS’ edition and serves as a good example of how music and art can come together in a unique format.”


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