EA CEO Hints Potential Foray Into the Metaverse to Expand Player Interactions

Andrew Wilson was speaking during the EA’s Q4 earnings conference after being asked his thoughts on the metaverse.
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Quick take:

  • Wilson said EA has a “meaningful opportunity” in the years ahead about how to harness the enthusiasm of EA sports games.
  • Although EA has refrained from using the word metaverse, it has been keen on capturing the opportunity in user-generated content in the gaming industry.
  • On Tuesday, he told investors to “watch this space”.  

Electronic Arts (EA) is taking note of the key developments taking place in the gaming industry. The company has been keen on leveraging user-generated content in the gaming industry to supercharge interactions between players in its various sports silos.

On Tuesday, an investor asked EA CEO Andrew Wilson about his thoughts on the opportunity for building a metaverse from EA’s various sports silos.

Wilson described the question as “incredible” whilst also acknowledging its insightfulness. Noting his company’s leading role in the sports entertainment industry, Wilson said that EA boasts over 700 million players with more than half of those interacting with EA sports games.

Wilson also noted that emerging sports consumers from GenZ and Gen Alpha relate to the industry by interacting with EA sports products. “They talk about that experience on another platform and they go and create content on that experience on another platform and watch that content on another platform,” he said.

Since the metaverse became a trendy buzzword towards the end of 2021, brands have been looking for opportunities to tap into the opportunity by creating immersive experiences that their customers can use to interact with their products, creating a seamless transition from the real world into the digital spaces.

Wilson recognises that there is an opportunity created by the popularity of EA games. His company is working to build on that opportunity both in games and outside games, especially given the breadth and depth of the sports game portfolio and community.

“We see the very same thing,” he said.

“They are making connection with their friends in the game and there is a meaningful opportunity to expand that relationship inside the game and outside the games,” added Wilson.

Although the company had nothing major to announce about the metaverse, he highlighted the massive partnerships EA has struck with big companies as the starting point, concluding with the remarks, “Watch this space.”


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