DatChat Shares Spike 70% After Launching Metaverse and NFT Monetization Platform

DatChat shares on Monday rocketed 70% after announcing the launch of its “VenVūū” metaverse and an NFT monetisation platform.
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  • DatChat shares on Monday spiked 70% after launching the “VenVūū” metaverse platform.
  • The software and social media company said the metaverse platform will support NFT monetisation.
  • The New Brunswick, NJ-based company has also opened a presale registration for its new “VenVūū” Dynamic Content NFT. 

DatChat shares rocketed 70% on Monday after announcing the launch of its “VenVūū” metaverse platform. The software and social media services provider also said the platform will be used for NFT monetisation as it scales its digital advertising offerings to Web3.

DatChat enables its users to communicate, post, and share messages online with privacy and screen capture protection. The VenVūū platform will allow metaverse landowners and brands to connect using DatChat’s proprietary technology.

Metaverse landowners will be able to opt into advertising schemes offered by advertisers in the 3D virtual world, provision them with a passive income stream from the digital land assets.

On the other hand, brands can run campaigns across the NFT advertising network by targeting specific land plots across multiple metaverse worlds.

Commenting on the platform launch, DatChat CEO Darin Myman said the metaverse and NFT monetisation platform is a unique opportunity for digital asset owners to monetise their holdings because it makes the process simpler whilst giving brands an extended reach in the immersive world.

“Each VenVūū Dynamic NFT is a unique NFT like owning your own multi-media outlet that you own and control in ‘Your World’. Not only will this create unique opportunities for supporters of DatChat, but will also be a significant contributor to our Company’s ability to grow our top-line.”

This announcement comes just days after Meta inked a deal with Vntana to bring 3D ads to Facebook and Instagram, a move that was interpreted by industry experts as a huge stepping stone toward metaverse advertising.

DatChat also announced the opening of a presale for its new VenVūū Dynamic Content NFT on the VenVūū.io website. The website allows metaverse assets owners to easily link their assets with the VenVūū protocol. 

The platform will initially offer video or static ads before integrating 3D images, virtual product placements and wearables later this year. The company said the minting of the VenVūū dynamic content NFT will begin on April 26 from 1:00 PM EST, and users can use a crypto wallet or credit card.

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