Clinique Gives Daz 3D’s Non-Fungible People NFT Avatars a Makeover to Drive Diversity in the Metaverse

Clinique launches its “Metaverse More Like Us” NFT campaign to challenge unrealistic beauty standards.
Image source: Clinique

Quick take:

  • The NFT collection is created in partnership with 3D-content and software company Daz 3D.
  • A group of makeup artists each curated two looks to round out the campaign’s six looks.
  • Each of the three NFT makeup drops will be offered to 1,968 randomly selected NFP collection holders.

Clinique today announced its entrance into the metaverse with its first makeup NFT campaign in partnership with 3D content and software company, Daz 3D. 

As part of this initiative, Clinique has tapped a diverse group of leading global makeup artists and creators, including Tess Daly, Sheika Daley, and Emira D’Spain, to work their makeup magic on the exclusive NFT “Metaverse More Like Us” Campaign that challenges unrealistic beauty standards and champions individuality.

Applying makeup to the avatars from Daz 3D’s Non-Fungible People (NFP) NFT collection, each makeup artist and creator pulled from their own unique inspiration to curate their two looks, one real-world and one fantastical look. All the looks were created with diverse NFPs in mind, allowing them to fit all skin tones, face shapes, and hairstyles.

Launched in January, Daz 3D’s NFP NFT collection consists of 8,888 female and non-binary photorealistic 3D avatars, 60% of which are characters of colour. Each NFT includes a fully rigged 3D model built for utility across the metaverse. 

NFP holders can pose, render, and animate their NFP in 3D software, use their avatar in video calls with motion capture technology, and export their avatar for use in other popular 3D programs. NFP has previously partnered with athletic wear brand Champion to outfit holders’ avatars.

Clinique’s NFT makeup will be airdropped for free to 1,968 randomly selected NFP collection holders over the next three months, starting July. Upon receiving the NFT makeup, holders must choose to burn it to reveal the makeup look, which will then be applied to their avatar from Daz 3D’s NFP NFT collection.

This is Clinique’s second NFT project. Last October, the company awarded three NFT artworks to customers who submitted essays about optimism.

“Our mission to be in the service of all skin means that we’re dedicated to increasing inclusivity everywhere our brand connects with consumers, and that commitment is no different in the Metaverse. As the Metaverse is blossoming, we know that what we create today can positively impact the beauty standards of the future. We are proud to collaborate with leaders in the space, such as Daz 3D, and artists who help us bring optimism through artistry,” said Carolyn Dawkins, SVP of Global Marketing, Analytics and Online at Clinique.

Diversity has become an emerging theme within the NFT space, especially during Pride Month. Last week, The Sandbox, People of Crypto, and makeup company NYX announced a collaboration to launch the first diversity hub in the metaverse as well as an NFT avatar collection featuring voxelized makeup looks for each group represented in the Progress Pride flag.

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