Ben Armstrong Selling Bored Ape NFT to ‘Deleverage’ Amid Feud with Former Business Partners

The crypto influencer was recently arrested and released on bail following a rant on his YouTube channel.
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Quick take:

  • The former Bitboy member also offered a $10k physical statue and a $2500 painting for sale.
  • Armstrong was axed from his own company which cited issues with substance abuse and financial damage to employees.
  • Armstrong went on a live YouTube rant following an apparent  ‘confrontation with his former business partner’.   

Ben Armstrong is selling his Bored Ape NFT #8240. The crypto influence and founder of the Bitboy Crypto channel also offered a $10k physical statue and a $2500 painting for sale.

Armstrong was arrested last Monday following an ‘apparent confrontation with his former business partner’. The Bitboy Crypto founder went on a live YouTube rant claiming his former partner “wanted to kill him”. 

According to Armstrong’s post on X, the $10k physical stature and $2,500 painting are currently held by VoomioNFT, an upcoming Web3 super app set to debut in Q4 2023.

“I’m selling my Bored Ape. Will be open to offers. Have to move some money around so I can de-leverage it, but then it can be yours. I paid 56 ETH for it.”

“Additionally, there is a $10k physical statue and a $2500 painting that exist, but @VoomioNFT will have to release them.”

The post received backlash from his followers, with some questioning his decision to put the NFT on sale after receiving about $200k in donations in his Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets.

“$200,000 in donations, before selling these assets” Crypto Tony posted on X followed by the eyes emoji.

Posty wrote “My guy, why didn’t you sell this before taking donations?”, while Wizard Of SoHo joked “Dump it into a floor bid. That’s a floor.”

Armstrong’s Bored Ape NFT has since received multiple offers with the best offer of about 23.91 WETH ~$40,214. That price is significantly below the 56 ETH he paid to acquire the NFT.

The crypto influencer indicated that the funds were meant to fight an ongoing lawsuit against Hit Network CEO TJ Shedd and CFO Timothy Shedd Sr.

Hit Network is the company behind some of the crypto industry’s top brands, including Franckie Candles, Bit.Lab Academy, Hit Network and Bitboy Crypto, which has since rebranded to Discover Crypto after the axing of Ben Amstrong (Bitboy).

According to reports, Armstrong’s removal from Bitboy Crypto reportedly cost his YouTube channel 20,000 subscribers and the company $1 million in income.


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