Base NFTs ‘Higher Swatches’ Hit $10M in Volumes This Week to Get on Top

Higher swatches, a new NFT collection on Base, has generated over $10.8 million in volumes over the past seven days.

Higher swatches, a new NFT collection on Base, has become the top collection by trading volume over the last week. DappRadar data shows that it has generated over $10.8 million in trading volumes over the past seven days, overtaking, another fresh collection making waves these days.  

DappRadar specified that the collection has been added automatically based on on-chain data, and that a human verification of its data integrity is still pending.

Higher swatches are an NFT collection launched in April, being available on several major marketplaces, including OpenSea, Magic Eden, and Rarible.

The collection comprises 7,777 items representing swatches – interactive canvases displaying colors and motions.

The collection’s description reads:

Each swatch is a unique art piece defined by a 3×3 grid of shapes of distinct color drawn from curated color palettes. The infinitely repeatable interaction begins when the viewer touches a shape, causing it to disappear momentarily as the shape’s color spills across the entire grid.”

The PFP NFTs have been created by X user jvmi, an NFT artist and streetwear designer. However, the collection is more active on Warpcast, the Twitter version of the Farcaster app on Base.

OpenSea data shows that this Friday alone, the collection has generated over 1,900 ETH in volumes, which is the equivalent of over $7 million. Therefore, the latest 7-day volume figures may end up much higher.

Meanwhile, the average price for a swatch has surged to over 10 ETH.

Interestingly, although it’s a new collection, swatches already have a healthy distribution, with 96% of NFTs being held by wallets owning 1 item. This suggests that there are over 6,500 different owners of this collection.

NFTs have been a dormant market compared to the 2021 boom, but some individual collections are showing impressive performance.

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