Azuki Elementals NFTs Experience Significant Withdrawals, Bitcoin NFTs Gain Momentum

Azuki Elementals NFTs have seen significant withdrawals, resulting in the BendDAO collateral holding just 70 Azukis. Meanwhile, Bitcoin NFTs have gained momentum, with over $4.9M in trading volume in the past 24 hours, comprising 31.4% of Ethereum’s NFT volume.

Since the Azuki Elementals mint on June 26th, the BendDAO collateral saw big withdrawals of Azuki NFTs, now holding only 70 Azukis, only 16% of what it held at its ATH in mid-April 23.

While Azuki’s volume has drastically decreased, and its 30-day floor price went from 17.1 ETH on June 12, to 7.1 ETH on July 10.

Over the past 24H, Bitcoin NFTs saw over $4.9M in volume, which equals 31.4% of Ethereum’s NFT volume. Ethereum NFTs saw 5.4 times the buyers, in comparison to Bitcoin, while Bitcoin NFTs saw an average of $2.8K per buyer, 1.7 times that of Ethereum’s.

Notably, within the last 24 hours, the most expensive Bitcoin NFT sold for an impressive $439,000. This transaction showcases the growing value and demand for unique digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.


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