Aptos Advances the Mass Adoption of Web3 with Key Appointments to Board of Advisors

Google’s David Lawee and Condé Nast’s Pam Drucker Mann are joining Stanford’s Dan Boneh who joined last year.
Image source: Aptos/Medium

Quick take:

  • The trio boast extensive experience and expertise in Web2 and Web3 spanning mainstream technology to ecosystem culture-fostering skills and cryptography.
  • They will use their diverse experiences, expertise, and areas of focus to advise Aptos Labs and the broader Aptos ecosystem.
  • The trio will help Aptos achieve its goal of “onboarding the world to a performant, decentralized, secure and accessible Web3.”

Aptos Labs, the company behind Aptos, a layer-1 blockchain that is on a mission to “onboard the world to a performant, decentralized, secure and accessible Web3,” is accelerating its campaign to achieve its goals with key appointments to its board of advisors. 

The company is adding to its powerhouse team of experts and advisors with the appointment of Google’s David Lawee, Condé Nast’s Pam Drucker Mann, and Stanford’s Dan Boneh to the board of advisors.

The trio are bringing a world of experience and expertise to the table spanning both Web2 and Web3. 

David Lawee, Founder and Managing Partner of Alphabet’s Capital G is using his deep Web2 consumer knowledge to enhance blockchain’s mainstream appeal. On the other hand, Condè Nast Global Chief Revenue Officer and President of U.S. Revenue & International, Pam Drucker Mann, will help strengthen Aptos Labs’ ecosystem culture at the intersection of Web3 and media.

Stanford Professor Dan Boneh who joined Aptos last year has done extensive research on cryptography and cybersecurity. His experience and expertise are seen as crucial to helping Aptos Labs “advance its infrastructure, parallelism, security, and future innovations.”

Commenting on his appointment to the board of advisors, Drucker Mann highlighted Aptos Labs’ expansive approach to Web3 innovation and its ability to make big ideas a reality.

“I am a huge fan of digital fashion, art, and experiences and all the new ways that we can bring culture to people,” said Mann. “I love that Aptos Labs is not only redefining the Web3 user experience but also building a community – creating and connecting a worldwide network of like-minded individuals across various industries.”

Google’s David Lawee believes he can help Aptos’ “tech-forward team” to bring Web3 to the masses, as it looks to “expand access to financial empowerment, digital experiences, and social connectivity on a global scale.”

Aptos CEO and Co-Founder Mo Shaikh believes adding the trio to his company’s advisory board strengthens its ability to unlock new opportunities with blockchain technology as it “thrives on engineering and building, fully embracing the transformative power of decentralization and blockchain.”

“Bringing David, Pam, and Dan aboard amps up our game — gives us a cutting-edge advantage as we craft the future of the global internet on Aptos,” Mo Shaikh added.

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