Shopify and Thirdweb Launch Toolkit for Building Web3-Enabled E-commerce Apps

CommerceKit will help developers integrate web3 features into e-commerce apps without having to deal with the complexity of blockchain technology.
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  • Shopify has teamed up with web3 infrastructure startup thirdweb to launch CommerceKit.
  • CommerceKit is a developer toolkit for building web3-enabled e-commerce applications.
  • The toolkit makes it easier for developers and merchants to integrate web3 features in their online stores and websites.

Shopify has teamed up with web3 infrastructure startup Thirdweb to launch CommerceKit. The web3 app developer toolkit allows developers to integrate web3 features into e-commerce applications.

According to a thirdweb blog post, CommerceKit will allow developers and e-commerce merchants to add web3 features to their stores and website without having to deal with the complexities of blockchain technology.

They could then use the web3-enabled e-commerce apps to offer various products including exclusive token-gated access, on-chain loyalty programs, and NFT-based digital collectibles.

Commenting on the launch via a press material shared with NFTgators, Alex Danco, Director of Product at Shopify said: “As a merchant, understanding your customers and finding new buyer segments is mission-critical for running a successful business.”

“We’re excited to partner with thirdweb, the fastest shipping team in Web3, to help make smart contracts and Web3 wallet addresses an essential part of the commerce and loyalty toolkit.”

On the other hand, Jake Loo, CTO and Co-founder at thirdweb commented: “We’ve spent the last 18 months working closely with Web3 developers and brands interested in building blockchain apps. It became clear that integrating Web3 with commerce had huge demand and we believe Shopify is the best possible partner we could work with to build these tools.”

“We’re excited to be combining our best-in-class Web3 development tools with Shopify’s commerce tools, and we truly believe this will kickstart the Web3 commerce revolution.”

Stores will also be able to leverage on-chain data and combine it with existing web2 data to gain comprehensive insights about their customers. This will help them build more personalized shopping experiences and launch targeted marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, non-crypto native consumers will be able to interact with web3 experiences without prior crypto knowledge. They will also be able to enjoy a seamless sign-in and buy digital collectibles like NFTs with their credit cards. CommerceKit allows developers to integrate leading crypto wallets including MetaMask and Coinbase for crypto-native shoppers.

Thirdweb has established itself as one of the elding web3 infrastructure companies, onboarding more than 50,000 monthly active developers using their tools. The platform also claims over 10,000 active developers doing over 500,000 transactions per month.

On the other hand, Shopify made its foray into web3 in December 2021 after launching an NFT platform to allow users to mint and sell branded NFTs.


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