Web3 Lifestyle App STEPN Integrates Apple Pay for In-Game Purchases

The move-to-earn app wants to tap into the growing adoption of fiat onramps to accelerate its user onboarding process.
Image source: STEPN

Quick take:

  • STEPN has integrated Apple PAY for in-game purchases.
  • The web3 lifestyle app said Monday the integration will help in onboarding the next 100 million users to web3.
  • Users will be able to connect their credit cards to Apple Pay, enabling them to buy NFTs that allow them access to the move-to-earn game.

STEPN has announced the integration of Apple Pay into its app. The web3 lifestyle app offers a move-to-earn game powered by NFTs. Users can receive crypto rewards for the steps they make.

The web3 company encourages people to live a positive lifestyle by engaging in physical activities like jogging, running or walking.

According to the announcement, STEPN is the first web3 app to secure Apple Pay integration. The iPhone maker has been one of the strictest mainstream tech companies when it comes to supporting web3 apps in its devices.

STEPN’s integration with Apple Pay will allow users to link their credit cards with the app, enabling them to purchase NFTs that grant them access to the gameplay.

STEPN sees this as a necessary step towards removing some of the obstacles that have been slowing down the onboarding of new users to web3. According to Shiti Manghani, chief operating officer of STEPN integrating fiat onramp payment services like Apple Pay could be key to onboarding the next 100 million users to web3, CoinDesk reported.

Given Apple’s strict rules for approving web3 applications, Manghani said STEPN feels privileged to have gained the approval, adding that the big consumer-facing platform gives web3 apps like STEPN exposure to bigger audiences. 

“Our attempt always has been to diversify and expose both the app as well as Web3, and the benefits that it can bring to an audience that is not limited just to within the Web3 community.”

On the other hand, Jerry Huang, co-founder of Find Satoshi Labs (FSL), the company behind STEPN commented: “With this Apple Pay integration we are making the user journey much more seamless, removing barriers to entry for all who want to move to earn, and ensuring that the Web3 space reaches a level of maturity it requires in order to go mainstream.”

 According to Huang, both web2 and web3 technologies will play a key role in onboarding new users to the STEPN ecosystem.


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