Unique Network Spurs Growth with Grant Fund for Developers and Designers

The NFT-centric blockchain seeks to empower developers on its network with a $250,000 prize pot.
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Quick take:

  • Unique Network has launched the NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund aimed at developers, designers and other contributors.
  • The new fund encourages contributors to explore more use cases of NFT technology as it seeks to push the envelope of innovation in the segment.
  • Users will gain an opportunity to explore Customizable NFTs, Composable NFTs, Nested NFTs, Dynamic NFTs, Multi-asset NFTs, and Multi-resource NFTs on the Unique Network.

Unique Network, the Substrate-based blockchain focused on advancing NFTs has launched the NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund. The company has established a prize pot of $250,000 for participants who wish to explore the potential of advanced NFTs.

The platform supports different types of non-fungible tokens including Customizable NFTs, Composable NFTs, Nested NFTs, Dynamic NFTs, Multi-asset NFTs, and Multi-resource NFTs, which developers, designers and other contributors participating in the program will get a chance to interact with.

The grant fund seeks to empower developers by encouraging them to leverage Unique Network’s NFT technology in the creation of novel applications utilizing the network’s advanced economies.

Commenting on the announcement, Alexander Mitrovich, CEO of Unique Network said in a statement: “NFTs have a long way to go. The first wave was driven by speculative jpegs, but it is the powerful NFT utility tools that will lead the Next in NFTs. At Unique Network we already delivered these capabilities in the last year, and now we are seeing deep interest by the most innovative founders. To deliver NFTs 2.0 to end user communities we have launched this fund with a very specific focus on enhancing NFTs via micro dApps or blockchain features.”

Unique Network has already selected DED GAMES and MusicMoon (formerly LoopNFT) as the inaugural beneficiaries of the NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund. 

DED Games, a free-to-play single-player shooter game will use the funds and leverage Unique Network’s Customizable NFTs in the development of its next projects. On the other hand, MusicMoon seeks to use advanced NFTs to empower artists to retain control over their work and earnings, independently of major record labels.

Joesp Gracés, Founder of Music Moon commented: “Winning the hackathon was a pivotal moment for MusicMoon, leading to a transformative collaboration with Unique Network. Meeting with the team at Unique Network ignited a synergy between our vision for music and the innovative possibilities of NFTs. This grant from Unique Network is not just funding; it’s a catalyst propelling MusicMoon to revolutionize how artists create, share, and monetize their music, ensuring they retain rights and foster direct connections with their audience through blockchain technology.”


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