Trump Rewards Mugshot NFT Buyers with Dinner at Mar-a-Lago

The former President of the United States has scheduled to spend his day off from court today with holders of the collection.
Image source: Politico

Quick take:

  • Trump will join supporters who bought at least 47 Trump NFTs (at $99 each) at Mar-a-Lago according to sources cited by Axios.
  • The Trump Mugshot NFTs are based on his mugshot from his arrest last year in Fulton County, Georgia.
  • Last year, Trump reported making $100,000 to $1 million from his NFT projects according to financial disclosures.

Former US president Donald Trump has invited supporters who bought at least 47 Trump NFTs (at $99 each) to a dinner at his home in Mar-a-Lago. The invitation comes as Trump takes a day off from trial US news outlet, Axios reported.

According to the report, Trump had no scheduled campaign activity on Wednesday, after the court proceedings went into recess on Wednesday. The proceedings are part of an ongoing case brought to Trump amid charges he conspired to overturn that state’s 2020 election results.

Launched in December last year, the Trump Mugshot NFT collection offered those who 47 Mugshot digital collectible cards a piece of the suit that Trump wore for his mugshot when he was arrested in August and dinner with the former POTUS at Mar-a-Lago.

Collectors who spent nearly $10,000 to buy 100 NFTs were invited to a “VIP” cocktail reception before the dinner.

This dinner invite demonstrates how brands, celebrities and political personalities can use real-world rewards to bring utility to NFTs.

Although the industry experienced a significant slump during the crypto winter, NFT transaction activity has recently bounced back driven by Bitcoin Runes (Ordinals) through the leading NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

The Mugshot NFT collection is Trump’s third in a growing list of Trump collectible cards. The NFTs range from the mugshot itself to an illustration of Trump in a cowboy among other variations. Last year, the former POTUS reported making $100,000 and $1 million from his NFT projects, according to financial disclosures.

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