Sony’s Digital Birth Certificates for Images Sound More like NFTs

The Japanese tech giant’s new imaging tech creates a “birth certificate” for images captured with Sony devices.
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Quick take:

  • Sony announced it is developing an in-camera digital signature technology at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.
  • The technology enables the verification of the origin of the content captured with Sony devices.
  • The description of how Sony’s imaging tech works draws uncanny parallels to non-fungible tokens.

Sony has announced it is developing an imaging technology that allows users to verify the origin of the content captured with its devices. The Japanese electronics, gaming and entertainment giant said at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas that its in-camera digital signature technology could be used to create “digital birth certificates” for images.

According to the announcement, the technology is set to be integrated with Sony devices starting with the Alpha 9 Mark III camera. It allows the devices to generate a machine-based digital signature when an image is captured, thus creating a unique identifier that can be tracked and verified.

Though not built on blockchain technology, the concept sounds a lot more like the way non-fungible token (NFT) technology works. NFTs are blockchain-based digital signatures that can be used to provide proof of ownership of a digital asset.

According to Sony, the in-camera digital signature technology is meant to aid journalists in safeguarding the authenticity of their content, thus providing news agencies an added layer of security against improper use of their images.

Commenting on the announcement during the Sony press conference, Neal Manowitz, president and COO at Sony Electronics said: “Helping creators navigate opportunities while protecting the authenticity of their work is a priority. We’re collaborating with the Associated Press and other industry leaders to create a digital birth certificate for images shot on our cameras. This will validate the origin of their content and help safeguard facts and combat misinformation.”

Manowitz also highlighted Sony’s new tech potential in dealing with the drawbacks of generative AI. “While the rapid evolution of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) brings new possibilities for creative expression, it has also led to growing concern about the impact of altered or manipulated imagery in journalism,” he said. According to Sony, its new technology is capable of showing that photos are authentic and unaltered.


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