Polygon NFT Marketplace Thrives: $12.9M Volume in 30 Days

Polygon’s NFT ecosystem has skyrocketed, boasting a staggering $12.9 million in volume from 268,000 sales made by 140,000 sellers and 141,000 buyers over the past 30 days.

The Polygon Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem has experienced a remarkable surge in activity over the past 30 days, with an astounding $12.9 million in total volume generated from a staggering 268,000 sales. This flourishing marketplace has seen participation from an impressive 140,000 sellers and 141,000 buyers, highlighting the growing appeal of Polygon-based NFTs.

On average, the daily volume of Polygon NFTs reached an impressive $431,000, fueled by approximately 8,900 daily sales. These figures have been a testament to the rapidly growing interest in NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. Notably, June 28th marked a significant milestone for the ecosystem, recording the highest daily volume to date, with a massive transactional value surpassing $773,000.

However, it was on July 14th that Polygon NFTs witnessed their highest number of daily sales, an astonishing 15,200 transactions in a single day. This milestone has solidified Polygon’s position as a prominent player in the NFT space.

In the realm of daily sales, Polygon NFTs have showcased impressive consistency, marking their fifth consecutive day with over 10,000 daily sales. This impressive streak amounts to a remarkable 67,500 sales within just five days, further highlighting the platform’s exponential growth.

When examining daily volume, analysts noted that the past five days were not unique, indicating a trend of smaller NFT sales. However, a deeper analysis reveals significant variations in average volume per sale across different Polygon NFT marketplaces.

A breakdown of the average, high, and low daily volume per sale for various marketplaces within the Polygon ecosystem is as follows:


  • Daily Average: $123
  • Daily High: $306
  • Daily Low: $19


  • Daily Average: $75
  • Daily High: $151
  • Daily Low: $18


  • Daily Average: $37
  • Daily High: $74
  • Daily Low: $0


  • Daily Average: $73
  • Daily High: $202
  • Daily Low: $9


  • Daily Average: $47
  • Daily High: $122
  • Daily Low: $24


  • Daily Average: $49
  • Daily High: $114
  • Daily Low: $19

An intriguing revelation arises when examining OpenSea, which accounted for a staggering 78% of the total volume generated within the Polygon NFT ecosystem. Despite experiencing an increase in sales, OpenSea’s average price per NFT has undergone a dramatic plunge over the past 19 days. The average price plummeted from $122 to a mere $24, representing an 80% decrease.

This divergence in performance between different marketplaces underscores the dynamic nature of the NFT ecosystem, where platforms compete for both buyers and sellers, often leading to contrasting trends in pricing and transaction volumes.

As the Polygon NFT ecosystem continues to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike, it remains to be seen how these trends will evolve and shape the broader NFT landscape. The surging interest in Polygon-based NFTs signifies a promising future for blockchain-based digital assets, with ample potential for further growth and innovation in this burgeoning market.


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