Moonbeam Teams Up with DUX and Grupo RÃO for a Web3 Loyalty Program in Brazil

The three companies are partnering to strengthen the relationship between consumers and brands across Brazil.

Quick take:

  • Moonbeam Network offers a smart contract platform for building cross-chain connected applications.
  • DUX is a Web3 infrastructure provider and is on a mission to become the largest wallet provider in Brazil and the LATAM region.
  • Grupo RÃO is the largest Japanese food delivery service in Brazil and will look to onboard its user base of about 1 million to the Web3 loyalty program.

Moonbeam Network has announced a partnership with DUX and Grupo RÃO to launch a Web3 Loyalty Program in Brazil. The three companies are seeking to onboard the Brazil-based Japanese food delivery service, Grupo RÃO’s customer base of about 1 million to Web3.

Moonbeam offers a smart contract platform for building cross-chain connected applications, allowing brands to access a multi-chain network of Web3 apps. Its platform allows businesses to deploy cost-effective projects on the blockchain at low gas fees, attracting a diverse user base.

On the other hand, DUX is a Web3 infrastructure provider and is on a mission to become the largest wallet provider in Brazil and the LATAM region. 

The company initially focused on gamification and democratizing earnings through crypto-economics but has broadened its scope as it aims to be the main wallet and digital ID provider in Brazil and Latin America, connecting legacy companies, content creators and technology providers to Web3.

According to the announcement, Grupo RÃO will implement DUX smart wallet technology to unlock novel methods of customer engagement for its ~1 million users. The three companies seek to cultivate an accessible, decentralized community – that leverages Web3 technology to deepen interactions between customers, partners, and employees.

Commenting on the partnership, Henrique Lemos, Founder and CMO of Grupo RÃO said in a statement: The launch of this Web3 loyalty program reflects Grupo RÃO’s long-term vision, and demonstrates our commitment to creating true connections with our customers. Partnering with DUX allows us to provide deeper value to our customer base, and engage with them in ways that were not previously possible.”

On the other hand, Luiz Octavio, CEO of DUX lauded Moonbeam as the perfect smart contract platform for the initiative. “With Moonbeam, DUX can easily tap into the Polkadot ecosystem via XCM, while providing extensive support in the Latin American region. Moonbeam is laser-focused on building a future-proof blockchain that makes it easier and more accessible to build an interoperable future,” he said.

The Web3 loyalty program comes with multiple benefits for Grupo RÃO customers including access to an exclusive subscription club, novel consumer experiences like winning or purchasing physical and digital collectibles and multiple perks offered in the form of discounts, products, services, vouchers and rewards.

Aaron Evans, Head of Operations at Moonbeam Foundation commented: “Brazil continues to cement itself as one of the most Web3-forward countries in the world. We’re thrilled to be working alongside innovative partners in DUX and Grupo RÃO to help foster an even stronger blockchain community and streamline Web3 adoption in Brazil.”


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