Millennium Hotels and Resorts Becomes World’s First Hospitality Group to Operate a Hotel in Decentraland

Millennium Hotels and Resorts will be launching M Social Decentraland on 5 May 2022.
Image source: Millennium Hotels and Resorts

Quick take:

  • The metaverse hotel is located near Genesis Plaza in Decentraland.
  • Guests of the virtual hotel can interact with an avatar that guides them through the hotel.
  • The hospitality group wants to integrate metaverse experiences with real-life events.

Global hotel company, Millennium Hotels and Resorts, announced today that it will be launching a virtual hotel in Decentraland on May 5, making it the world’s first hospitality group to operate a hotel in the metaverse

Named M Social Decentraland, the virtual hotel aims to be a spot for visitors to gather and discover the virtual world of Decentraland. Located near Genesis Plaza, the heart of Decentraland, the virtual hotel sits on prime location. Each of the four sides of the building is marked by a giant “M”, with glass exteriors and neon pink accents creating a sleek interior.

Guests who enter M Social Decentraland will be welcomed by an avatar in the lobby. The avatar will guide visitors through the hotel, and guests can stand to uncover real-world hotel surprises as they discover M Social Decentraland. 

“The hospitality landscape is rapidly evolving. We are embracing different technologies to engage customers and enhance guest experiences. The metaverse is one such avenue that presents a myriad of opportunities for us to create unique social connections with our guests,” said Mr. Saurabh Prakash, Group Senior Vice President, Commercial for Millennium Hotels and Resorts. “M Social Decentraland will enable us to reach out to new and existing customers in both the physical and virtual world with online connection to offline engagement.”

Other than connecting with customers and creating brand awareness in the metaverse, Millennium Hotels and Resorts wants to integrate metaverse experiences with real-life events. 

In the near future, the hospitality group is looking to collaborate with like-minded partners as well as integrate the virtual hotel into M Social’s website and organise special events to mark occasions like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day.

“M Social is about being different, being one of a kind. As we look towards the future, we need to look past the traditional model of hospitality and engage our guests through new immersive experiences,” said Mr. Kwek Leng Beng, Executive Chairman of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Limited. “We hope to redefine hospitality through M Social Decentraland by creating online adventures that integrate with real life events.”

Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR) is the global brand of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Limited (M&C), which owns, manages and operates over 145 hotels across some 80 locations Asia, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and the United States. 

Aimed at young and creative jetsetters, the M Social brand was launched in Singapore in 2016 and has since expanded with physical outposts in Paris, New York, Singapore and Auckland. M Social Decentraland marks the brand’s first virtual location.

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