MetaStones putting the DAO in Daoism

Not all crypto projects are the same. Every now and again something comes along with ideas so far out of the box it’s easy to forget there was a box at all. MetaStones is one such project. Imagine a WEB3 concept rich in its mystical theme with deep lore and a tangible connection to ancient mysticism. This is MetaStones the project that puts the DAO in Daoism.

“We knew we wanted to go another way with MetaStones. These days every second WEB3 project is either some meme coin or cartoon NFT collection and everyone’s promising the moon. Or at least they’re promising their tokens are going there. MetaStones is different. The core idea is not about 10Xing your investment or some other hollow promise. Instead, we’re focussed on building a community and creating something unique and everlasting. We’re not saying, the project doesn’t have value only that our members will have more to gain than cash.” A spokesperson for MetaStones said.

Merging the mystic and the meta

One of the project’s stand out features is its clever Daoist theming. MetaStones is at heart a community DAO (Digital Autonomous Organisation). The back story, itself tied to the 1992 novel by Neal Stephenson, tells of a world where reality and metaverse coexist. According to MetaStone lore, the arrival of the metaverse coincided with the appearance of the first MetaStone. Keeping it simple, MetaStones are catalysts drawing the real world and the metaverse into alignment. To achieve this enlightenment, however, requires the intervention of the Origin StoneKeepers. These digital guardians can reveal the hidden MetaStones, unlocking their power and secrets. The catch is, that each StoneKeeper needs mortal intervention. Unlocking the full potential of the StoneKeepers and their MetaStones then, requires our help.

Token gesture

As you’ve no doubt worked out, the Origin StoneKeepers and their MetaStone treasures take the form of NFTs. By claiming a StoneKeeper, token holders also claim their place in the DAO. This is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the entire project. The developers are keeping a lot about the eventual DAO under wraps. We do know though that owning a token gives you voting rights in the DAO. There’ll be other utilities no doubt, but we’ll have to wait to find out what form they take.

What is Daoism?

As we said at the start what makes MetaStones unique is its mystical theming. Each of the MetaStones and their StoneKeeper Guardians draw from rich Daoist mysticism. Daoism, or Taoism as it’s also known, is an ancient Eastern philosophy most popular in China and the far east. Based on the writings of Lao- tzu, Daoism has three fundamental pillars. These are patience, compassion, and simplicity. These themes, along with many other beliefs and icons from Daoist teachings form the core concept of the MetaStone DAO. Daoism is all about balance and harmony and these ideals feature heavily in MetaStone’s lore.

What’s the big idea?

The principle behind the MetaStone project is the pooling of collective wisdom within a DAO underpinned by the Daoist philosophy. It’s also an art project. Each unique minted token boasts its own striking colours, accessories, rarity, and embellishments. Of course, being part of this new movement is the true reward. As the DAO grows, it will be up to its members to decide its ultimate path and fate.

Ready to face your fate?

Does finding a StoneKeeper, unlocking a MetaStone, and taking your place in this mystical new society sound up your alley? If so, you can find out more here.

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