Mamram Alumni Association Taps StarkWare, Fireblocks, and Collider VC to Advance Web3 in Israel

The association, which includes over 8,000 alumni members of the Israeli Defense Force’s Center of Computing and Information Technology Systems unit, is launching the first blockchain incubation program for Web3 and blockchain startups in Israel.
From left to right: Matan Roginsky Co-Founder and CEO of Novia101 & Mamram Alumnus – initiated the program. Eden Luttenberg, Ehud Naos, Ishay Gavriel, Yossi Melamed & Johnthan Gal leading team of Mamram Alumni Association

Quick take:

  • Dubbed the Mamram Blockchain Incubator (M.B.I), it seeks to support founders and teams from the ideation stage of their projects.
  • Leading blockchain companies including StarkWare, FireBlocks, Collider VC and Gornitzky & Co. will contribute to the M.B.I program as mentors.
  • The alumni network includes notable founders of successful unicorns like Adam Singolda, co-founder and CEO of Taboola and Honeybook’s Dror Shimoni, among others.

Mamram Alumni Association, an organisation comprised of alumni of the Israeli Defense Force’s Center of Computing and Information Technology Systems has partnered with leading blockchain companies StarkWare, Fireblocks, Web3 venture firm Collider VC and Gornitzky & Co. to launch the Mamram Blockchain Incubator (M.B.I).

According to a press release shared with NFTgators, the M.B.I seeks to support founders and teams at the exploration and ideation stages of their projects as part of its goal of making Israel one of the world’s leading hubs of blockchain innovation.

The Association will be able to call on the expertise and experience of blockchain technology partners to provide early-stage Web3 startups with the necessary skills and expertise to bring their ideas to fruition.

Its partnership with StarkWare, FireBlocks, Collider VC and Gornitzky & Co also gives startups access to some of the world’s top personalities in the blockchain industry, who will act as mentors to the founders and teams through their projects’ growth journey.

The incubation program is specifically targeting projects that are yet to come up with a minimum viable product or a proof-of-concept. Mamram Alumni Association believes its team, which holds a strong background in the Israeli IDF is well positioned to help the startups and teams shape their ideas into a viable product or services.

Commenting on the M.B.I launch Yossi Melamed, Chairman of the Mamram Alumni Association said in a statement: “We decided this year that nothing will stop us, we are here for entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road and we are here to stay. We recognize that the blockchain and WEB3 fields have matured and developed significantly in recent years, but our ecosystem in Israel does not support entrepreneurs in these fields.”

According to Melamed, M.B.I is an extension of the Mamram Alumni Association’s activities in the field of entrepreneurship. The organisation seeks to help entrepreneurs correctly identify problems and create the right solutions for them.

The Mamram Alumni Association counts Adam Singolda, co-founder and CEO Taboola among its members. Dror Shimoni is the co-founder and CTO at clientflow and cashflow platform Honeybook is also a member. Other notable members include Amir Jerbi Co-Founder & CTO at Aqua Security, Roey Eliyahu co-founder and CEO of the cybersecurity giant Salt Security.

Professor Eli Ben-Sasson, CEO and co-founder of StarkWare commented: “I’m deeply passionate about blockchain education because, to me, it’s about more than just understanding technology—it’s about understanding how we, as societies, can function better, more efficiently, and more equitably.”

Matan Roginsky Co-Founder and CEO of Novia101 and Mamram Alumnus who initiated the program, believes the M.B.I program positions Israel as a burgeoning blockchain powerhouse globally. 

By partnering with leading blockchain companies, the Association is creating an extensive network with resources that go beyond its Alumni, bringing in people with unique skills that can aid in the growth of its incubated projects.


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