LVMH Taps Epic Games to Bring New Immersive Experiences to Its Creative Pipeline

LVMH will use Epic Games’ 3D technology tools to offer virtual fitting rooms, AR, fashion shows, 360 product carousels and digital twin experiences, among others.
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  • LVMH is diving deeper into web3 in partnership with Epic Games.
  • The luxury fashion brand will leverage the Fortnite creator’s expertise to bring new immersive experiences to its creative pipeline.
  • LVMH will use Epic Games’ 3D technology tools to offer virtual fitting rooms, AR, and fashion shows, among others.

LVMH has announced a strategic partnership with LVMH to bring immersive experiences to its creative pipeline. The luxury fashion brand on Wednesday said it will leverage the Fortnite creator’s tech stack, which includes 3D avatar software and virtual environments to create virtual fitting rooms and fashion shows.

The Paris, France-based company will also leverage the tech to offer 360 product carousels, augmented reality, the creation of digital twins and more.

Epic Games’ 3D creative tools include Unreal Engine, Reality Capture, Twinmotion, and MetaHuman. LVHM will leverage these tools to bring its customers closer to the brand. The company also hopes that its team can expand its expertise as it seeks to embed itself in the emerging new digital culture. 

Commenting on the partnership, Toni Belloni, LVMH Group Managing Director said: “The partnership with Epic Games will accelerate our expertise in 3D tools and ecosystems, from the creation of new collections to ad campaigns and to our Maisons’ websites. We will also engage more effectively with young generations who are very much at ease with these codes and uses.”

On the other hand, Bill Clifford, VP of Unreal Engine at Epic Games commented: “With this partnership, we will work with LVMH’s designers to transform physical and digital product creation using Epic’s suite of advanced creator tools. We are excited to accelerate the Group’s adoption of Unreal Engine, Reality Capture, Twinmotion and MetaHuman technology, and help LVMH’s global brands engage with customers through immersive digital experiences.”

Although this is LVMH’s first full collaboration with Epic Games, it is not the first time the two companies are teaming up. Several of LVMH’s Maisons have already successfully integrated solutions from Epic Games, with a good example being Bulgari’s “Virtual Rome” metaverse experience announced during Viva Technology in 2022.

Other LVMH brands that successfully adopted Epic Games tech include Livi and Louis Vuitton, among others.


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