Lens Protocol Brings Gated Content Feature to Crypto

Lens Protocol has launched a new feature that allows users to implement token-gated content.
Image source: Lens Protocol

Quick take:

  • Lens users can now specify access conditions when they create a new publication.
  • These conditions include owning any NFT from a specific collection or some balance of an ERC20 token.
  • Users can also combine different access conditions to encrypt their content.

Social media protocol, Lens, has rolled out a new feature called Gated Publication, which allows builders using its API to token-gate their content. The feature uses LIT Protocol, a decentralised key management network that powers encryption, access control, and automation for web3 applications.

The new feature gives users a trustless way to control content accessibility, as encryption and decryption happen on the client side. Lens users can specify access conditions when creating gated publications.

The conditions include users that own any NFT from a specific collection, for example, a DAO membership NFT, an NFT of a collected publication posted on Lens, a Nouns DAO NFT etc; users that own an NFT with a given TokenID or a range of TokenIDs; and users who own some balance of an ERC20 token.

Users can also make their content available only to those who have collected their publications or their followers. They can also combine any of the access control conditions to create gated experiences.

The metadata of the posts within the Gated Publication feature will stay private and can only be decrypted by users who fulfil the access control conditions. 

Lens says that the new feature enables “various kinds of interesting use-cases for gating and monetising content in the Lens Ecosystem, giving creators and publishers more control over how content is consumed.”

Lens Protocol is a decentralised project created by open-source liquidity provider Aave to allow users to control and monetise their own data. The product is built on the Layer 2 Ethererum scaling protocol Polygon and was officially launched in May last year. 

The user-owned ecosystem allows any application to plug into it. Users can also mint profiles as NFTs, follow others, and create and collect any publications, completely on-chain.


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