Lacoste Introduces Dynamic NFT Card for the UNDW3 Community

The French clothing giant is addi9ng more utility to its genersis UNDW3 NFT collection 12 months after launch.
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Quick take:

  • Lacoste has introduced dynamic NFT cards for the UNDW3 NFT collection. 
  • The clothing and apparel giant also launched a new token-gated community for the UNDW3 NFT holders.
  • The card will offer the UNDW3 NFT holders access to exclusive web3 experiences including experiential programming that increases the value of the NFT.

Lacoste is advancing its web3 strategy with a new token-gated experience for the UNDW3 NFT holders. The French clothing and apparel giant has also introduced a dynamic NFT card that will allow holders to unlock unique web3 experiences.

In June last year, Lacoste launched a collection of 11,212 UNDW3 Genesis pass non-fungible tokens (NFTs), making its first foray into web3. The company is advancing its web3 customer loyalty program with more utility, which it describes as “a groundbreaking personalized experience program that embraces blockchain technology to reward brand builders and creators.”

The dynamic NFT card will give holders personalised access to Lacoste’s web3 experiences, which include the ability to participate in experiential programming that earns them exclusive rewards that boost the value of their NFTs.

Commenting on the launch, Lacoste deputy CEO Catherine Spindler said in a statement: “Pioneering the concept of a dynamic NFT within our industry is a testament to our bold vision. Beyond the fleeting trends surrounding NFTs and the metaverse, we see blockchain as an accelerator, ushering in a more inclusive and experiential digital realm.”

Holders of UNDW3 NFTs will be given an opportunity to participate in weekly mixed-reality quests linked to the brand’s history and storytelling. The experience also includes fashion and challenges which will run in collaboration with Lacoste’s physical creative studio team.

Members earn points based on their activity in the community, with the points displayed on a leaderboard on the Lacoste website.

Some of the prizes that those who top the leaderboard could receive include an immersive experience of the Lacoste brand with a week-long visit to its flagship Paris factory and a chance to represent the Lacoste community via a social media campaign.


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