Japan’s CyberAgent Preps for Mainstream Metaverse Adoption with 3D Ads

The digital advertising company is building on the success of its AI-driven web2 advertising with videos of 3D avatars tailormade for individual viewers.
Image source: cyberagent.co.jp

Quick take:

  • CyberAgent is launching AI 3D ads for Individuals.
  • The Japanese advertising company is preparing for the mass adoption of the metaverse.
  • The video ads will feature 3D avatars of top celebrities with their characteristics tailored to each individual viewer.

CyberAgent is launching AI-produced 3D adverts for individuals. The Japan-based digital advertising company is expanding its AI-driven ads tech into the metaverse. The company has already experienced success in Ai advertising with banner ads and catchphrases designed to appeal to specific audiences.

CyberAgent is now targeting the mass adoption of the metaverse with Ai-produced videos of 3D avatars, featuring top celebrities. Each celebrity figure will have different characteristics tailormade for each individual viewer according to a report by Nikkei.

CyberAgent won’t be the first to target metaverse advertising with 3D ads. In March 2022, the leading social media conglomerate turned metaverse lead campaigner, Meta Platforms teamed up with US-based 3D and AR startup Vntana to launch 3D ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The partnership allowed brands to upload 3D models of their ads onto Instagram and Facebook, thus handing individual brands the responsibility to design and drive the narrative of their 3D ads.

CyberoAgent’s approach is different, its AI agent uses information such as the type of website and the characteristics of each viewer to create video avatars sporting facial expressions, hairstyles and clothing meant to appeal to individual viewers.

CyberAgent plans to initially use humans to screen the ads before fully automating video production.

Currently, the company’s AI program generates 30 to 40 different versions of a single banner ad depending on the type of audience and can create as many as 70,000 AI-generated ads per month, which it claims to be as twice as effective as standard banner ads.

CyberAgent has been working with leading US graphics processing unit provider Nvidia to create 3D characters. The company has invested over 1 billion yen ($7.7 million) in the US technology company’s H100 GPUs to build the power required to train its foundational AI model.

The AI agent is being built by 120 CyberAgent engineers that have experience in developing generative AI programs that can operate in a way similar to ChatGPT.


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