Goldman, MSCI and Coin Metrics Launch Digital Asset Classification Platform Datonomy

Goldman Sachs has teamed up with MSCI and Coin Metrics to launch Datonomu, a digital assets classification and benchmarking solution.
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Quick take:

  • Datonomy classifies NFTs, gaming and virtual worlds under the metaverse sub-segment.
  • The platform will help investors to identify subsectors in the wider crypto industry.
  • The platform leverages Goldman’s proprietary market technology together with MSCI’s indexing expertise while Coin Metrics will provide crypto.

Goldman Sachs has collaborated with MSCI and Coin Metrics to launch Datonomy, a digital assets classification and benchmarking tool. 

The tool leverages Goldman’s proprietary market technology and MSCI global securities indexing expertise to create a digital assets categorisation framework powered by Coin Metrics’crypto data solutions.

The stock market, particularly, in the US, the market is structured in such a way that investors find it easy to target specific segments of the market depending on their risk appetites and market expertise.

For instance, if an investor wants to invest in a basket of interrelated stocks, they can do that by buying index funds or their related ETFs. There are also stocks that are perfect for dividend investors, while others are recommended for sophisticated high-risk takers.

Commenting on the product launch, Goldman executive Andrew Phillips told MarketWatch: “It’s quite easy to put things into a spreadsheet — the hard part is making something you can use to actually provide a way to analyze the market.” 

The launch of Datonomy comes at a time when the crypto market is weathering its latest storm caused by the collapse of the world’s third-largest crypto exchange platform

Phillips thinks Datonomy will help investors easily identify more interesting segments of the industry besides the most popular products bitcoin and ethereum.

“A lot of people, when they talk about digital assets, they think of bitcoin and ethereum, ” Phillips said. “What’s interesting is there’s a fairly diverse ecosystem of people doing different things in the digital asset space.”

Datonomy has created four main segments of the digital assets market.

The Digital Currencies segment is comprised of value transfer coins and specialised coins, further subdivided into meme coins privacy coins and remittance coins. 

The second segment called Blockchain Infrastructure is classified into three: 

Smart Contract Platforms— which are computer programs that execute certain commands when the pre-determined conditions are met.

Blockchain Utilities: platforms that focus on linking real-life assets to the blockchain (e.g. real estate).

Application Utilities: which are comprised of Oracles— applications that link off-chain data with web3 services. Digital identity providers like ENS and Unstoppable Domains, governance tools (DAOs), and software development.

The third major segment called Digital Asset Applications is the largest of them all. It is subdivided into decentralised finance (DeFi), intermediate finance, business services, information technology, the metaverse and media services.

The metaverse sub-segment is where users will find virtual worlds, gaming and NFT ecosystems, while the final subsegment media services feature advertising content and streaming.

On-chain Derivatives is the fourth and final major segment is subcategorised into stablecoins, tokenised assets and claim tokens.

Overall, Datonomy so far has four main sections, which have 14 major subsections that are further subdivided into 41 unique verticals.

Coin Metrics CEO Tim Rice commented: Datonomy marks a “significant leap” for the crypto market by “establishing a coherent and future-proof structure to monitor and analyze the digital asset ecosystem.”

On the other hand, Stéphane Mattatia, managing director at MSCI, added, “a consistent and standardized framework for the classification of digital assets is essential to support investors’ ability to evaluate the market.”


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