Gaming Company MetaKing Studios Raises $15M Seed Funding to Create MMO Blockchain Game Blocklords

MetaKing Studios will use the funds to accelerate the development of its flagship game.
Image source: Blocklords

Quick take:

  • Blocklords is launching in early access this year.
  • The MetaKing Studios team includes more than 100 artists, designers and developers.
  • Blocklords is a medieval strategy MMO built upon a player-driven narrative.

MetaKing Studios, a gaming company that’s building an MMO grand strategy game on Web3, today announced that it has raised $15 million in seed funding. 

The round was led by Makers Fund and BITKRAFT Ventures, with participation from Delphi Digital, Animoca Brands, Shima Capital, WW Ventures, Spartan Group, Huobi Ventures and others.

The gaming studio will use the funds to accelerate development on its flagship strategy MMO game Blocklords, launching in early access this year. MetaKing Studios is founded by game industry executives David Johansson and Nicky Li, who both have decades of expertise in developing, producing and scaling free-to-play and play-and-own games.

The MetaKings Studio team includes more than 100 talented artists, designers and developers from studios including EA, Ubisoft, Paradox Interactive and Creative Assembly, who have worked with Lucasfilm, Universal, Disney, Netflix and Apple.

“At heart, we’re a team of gamers and tech enthusiasts who want to create fun, enjoyable experiences using the nascent technologies available to us,” said David Johansson, CEO and co-founder, MetaKing Studios. “In BLOCKLORDS, we have been working to build a massive, dynamic game world that is directly shaped by players’ choices, whether they choose to be humble Farmers or powerful Lords and Ladies. By giving players full ownership of their digital assets, not only are we incentivizing the way they play games, we’re empowering them to have fun in the process.”

Blocklords is a medieval strategy MMO that melds world-building with real-time player-versus-player battles, with deep historical fantasy lore and a detailed lineage system, built upon a sophisticated player-driven narrative.

Even before the game has launched, MetaKing Studios has already built a player following for Blocklords, with more than 10,000 active community users that have been creating content and designs alongside the MetaKing Studios development team in anticipation of the game soon to be launched in early access this year.

“MMOs have a clear product-market fit within blockchain games as they allow for more diverse and dynamic in-game economies,” commented Jamie Wallace, associate, BITKRAFT. 

Blocklords incorporates an expansive player-driven economy that will quickly scale as more players join the massive virtual world. As part of this experience, players will be able to own their Hero characters, and, through the game’s Dynasty system, continue their bloodline through heirs, populating the world and creating their own unique lineage and legacy.

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