Europe’s Largest Telco Teams Up With MultiverseX to Advance Web3

Deutsche Telekom has joined MultiverseX Network as a validator.
Image source: MultiverseX on X

Quick take:

  • The German telecommunications giant will join a list of validators responsible for maintaining the network’s security and trustworthiness.
  • MultiverseX will utilise Deutsche Telekom’s MMS blockchain infrastructure to ensure the integrity of Web3 applications on the MultiverseX blockchain.
  • The partnership aims to facilitate the deployment and running of fast, secure, and cost-effective Web3 applications.

Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecommunications company by revenue has announced a partnership with layer1 blockchain provider MultiverseX. The Germany-based telco’s blockchain infrastructure subsidiary MMS will use its array of technologies to the integrity of Web3 applications on the MultiverseX blockchain.

Announcing the partnership via a post on X, MultiverseX said Deutsche Telekom will be running a staking pool on its network. “Important milestone, which enables their customers to contribute to the network’s security in a non-technical way.” MultiverseX believes this collaboration is a significant leap towards mainstreaming Web3.

MultiverseX will use Deutsche Telekom MMS’ multi-cloud strategy, high-performance infrastructure, 24/7 expert maintenance, and extensive experience in managing networks to bring linear scalability to the masses.

Commenting on the announcement, Beniamin Mincu, CEO of MultiversX,  lauded the collaboration as a significant milestone, saying: “A strong sign of blockchain’s progress is when industry veterans pay attention to and actively participate in it. Today, we are further pushing Web3’s potential by creating new pathways and exploring new experiences with Deutsche Telekom MMS.”

MultiverseX offers a highly scalable, secure, and decentralized blockchain network, with the aim of facilitating the deployment and running of consumer-facing applications. Its partnership with Deutsche Telekom fits well within its mission, with the German joining its validator network, where it will maintain the network’s security and trustworthiness.

According to the announcement, the MultiverseX blockchain boasts nearly 350 million transactions and over two million user accounts, which it believes underpins its role in advancing the adoption of the metaverse.

MultiverseX has also launched the xPortal App, a high-performance platform designed to enable the creation and integration of digital financial solutions including sending and receiving cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


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