Didimo Hires Game Industry Veteran Peter Alau to Bring Fast, Lifelike Human Avatars to Games

Didimo provides tools for game developers to create high-fidelity, customisable human avatars.
Image source: Didimo

Quick take:

  • Alau previously worked at major gaming companies including Sony Playstation, Electronic Arts, and Linden Lab (Second Life).
  • He will drive advancement in Didimo’s technology to meet industry needs.
  • Didimo’s platform enables game studios to generate lifelike digital twins at speed and scale.

Didimo, a company that creates lifelike human avatars, has expanded its executive team with game industry veteran, Peter Alau, as senior business development director.

He brings over two decades of experience in  game design, technology development and licensing across brands like Sony Playstation, Electronic Arts, Linden Lab (Second Life), GameSpy, Digital Extremes, Apportable and Spectrum Labs.

Alau joins Didimo from artificial intelligence company Spectrum Labs, where he served as senior director of business development and intelligence. He has also held senior business development director, manager and VP roles across several companies, including video game developer Digital Extremes.

Prior to his senior business development roles, Alau was a senior account manager at IGN Entertainment, a media company focused on video games and entertainment. In 2005, he worked at Electronic Arts as an account manager in the global technology department. 

From 1996 to 2001, he was a technical account manager at Sony Computer Entertainment America, where he was the primary source of technical information for PS/PS2 title development. After leaving Sony, Alau joined Linden Lab, the company which first launched the popular virtual reality game Second Life, as a community manager.

In his new role, Alau will help to drive advancement in Didimo’s technology to meet industry needs.

“Peter’s senior expertise in the games industry will greatly contribute to the evolution of Didimo’s platform and capabilities,” says Didimo CMO, Jim Franzen. “He understands the unique nuances critical for game designers and knows how digital human twins can help enhance both game development and the player experience. The next growth stage for our company is one to watch.”

Didimo recently raised $7.1 million in Series A funding. Its patented, cloud-based  platform provides tools for game developers and studios to generate user-specific digital twins, human avatars and non-playable characters (NPCs) at speed and scale for games.

Using industry-standard tools and formats like Mixamo, ARKit, Amazon Polly, and others, the company claims that game artists can generate thousands of NPCs in just a few hours on its platform. Current customers and partners include NOS Communications, Ceek, Soleil Game Studios, Sony, Grenoble Ecole du Management, tagSpace, Valaclava, Atom Stars, Unstitched and more.


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