BlockDAG’s Rise to Dominance: Surpassing Internet Computer and Toncoin with $100M Liquidity Ambition

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Internet Computer marks a bullish momentum, while the resilience of Toncoin price and the remarkable presale success of BlockDAG (BDAG) create a buzz in the crypto world. The potential rise of Internet Computer price forecast, Toncoin’s defiance of market trends and BlockDAG’s ambitious post-launch goals are analysed to identify the highest trending crypto. Highlighting BlockDAG’s achievements, entering the 8th batch of presale is discussed, along with the target for $100 million liquidity post-launch and the impact of its technical white paper V2 release.

Internet Computer: Bullish Momentum Suggests Potential Rise

The Internet Computer price forecast appears optimistic as the cryptocurrency has shown significant bullish momentum. With a year-to-date increase of 219%, the Internet Computer has outperformed many other assets. In the past month alone, it has surged by 28.1%, the past two weeks have seen a remarkable 51% uptick. This recent performance, especially the move from $16.64 to $20.64, has injected new confidence into the market. The breach of the $20 barrier is a crucial milestone. Given these trends, the Internet Computer price forecast suggests that the digital asset could reach $27.53 by 2024.

Toncoin Price Defies Market Trend with 4% Gain

The Toncoin price has shown resilience in a declining crypto market, registering a 4.3% increase despite major cryptocurrencies facing losses. This performance stands out, as even the top contenders saw a decline of up to 6%. While the reasons behind Toncoin’s rise are unclear, it may be a correction following strong gains. In a market where the top 10 cryptocurrencies experienced losses, Toncoin’s price increase highlights its potential for growth and stability amidst volatility.

BlockDAG’s Presale Surges to $15.8 Million Across 8 Batches

BlockDAG’s remarkable presale performance has seen it secure $15.8 Million across 8 batches, with its BDAG coin price soaring from $0.001 to $0.0045. This success sets the stage for an ambitious post-launch target of $100 million in liquidity, highlighting its potential to revolutionise the cryptocurrency landscape. The rapid increase in price and the significant liquidity accumulated post-launch highlight BlockDAG’s appeal and transformative potential.

One of BlockDAG’s standout features is its DAG architecture, enabling quick and efficient transaction processing. Transactions are confirmed in near real-time, eliminating delays associated with traditional block mining. This speed and the low transaction fees make BlockDAG accessible to a broader audience, from individuals to businesses, without the burden of high costs.

BlockDAG boasts a high transaction throughput of 10,000-15,000 TPS, demonstrating its efficiency. Its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) enables developers to deploy existing Ethereum-based smart contracts. This capability grants access to a wide array of tools, resources, and communities within the Ethereum ecosystem. This seamless integration accelerates project development and leverages Ethereum’s proven technology and security.

The release of BlockDAG’s technical white paper has heightened its acceptance within the crypto community, marked by a celebration at the Las Vegas Sphere. Experts predict a staggering 20,000X profit for BlockDAG, reflecting confidence in its innovative features and prospects in the cryptocurrency market.


The cryptocurrency market is witnessing significant movements with the bullish Internet Computer price forecast, the resilience of the Toncoin price and the remarkable success of BlockDAG. BlockDAG shows the highest trends with its ambitious aim of $100 million liquidity post-launch and a predicted 20,000X profit. Having already earned over $15.8 Million in presales, BlockDAG is poised to revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape with its innovative features and strong market appeal.

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