BlockDAG’s Aim to Reach $50 by 2030 & a Keynote Video Teaser Drop Directly From the Moon Beats the INJ and Shiba Inu Rally!

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The digital currency space continues to thrive with mouth-watery and unbelievable innovations. BlockDAG network, a new entrant into the crypto space, attempts an impressive marketing strategy by releasing a teasing keynote video directly from the moon! Despite the Shiba Inu rally, the INJ price remains precarious, with indicators suggesting a possible rebound from current levels. 

BlockDAG is currently in its 9th presale batch, with a coin price set at $0.005. The project’s ambitious vision targets a staggering 30,000X return on investment, eyeing a milestone price of $50 by 2030. Let’s dive deep into these dynamic segments of the cryptocurrency market to analyse intriguing developments and substantial financial shifts.

Shiba Inu Rally Looms as Investors Hold Steadfast

The Shiba Inu rally seems imminent as the cryptocurrency exhibits signs of a bullish breakout pattern that could propel its value by 45%. Recent shifts in investor behaviour show a decrease in selling, with many opting to hold their SHIB, evidenced by a significant transfer of assets from short-term to mid-term holders. This strategic holding pattern suggests a strong conviction in future gains, contributing to the potential for a robust Shiba Inu rally.

INJ Price Wavers: Bearish Sentiment Amid Potential Rebound Signs

The INJ price is currently in a consolidation phase, with the four-hour Injective chart showing a narrow trading range that might suggest accumulation by investors anticipating a price increase. 

However, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 21.23 points to potentially oversold conditions, which could signal a recovery in the INJ price. Despite these signs, the bearish sentiment persists, as indicated by the moving average divergence and a MACD line below the signal line, suggesting increased selling pressure at the current price of $33.09.

BlockDAG Extends $2 Million Giveaway: Spur Investor Interest

BlockDAG grabs the attention of potential crypto investors through remarkably effective promotional activities, highlighted by their $2 million giveaway, which has generated considerable excitement. The contest was extended due to popular demand, providing an opportunity for others who are yet to participate to take advantage so as not to miss out again on the chance provided by BlockDAG to become a millionaire. The giveaway is now set for August 12th, and the winners will be announced on August 15th.

BlockDAG further enhances the reach by providing an extremely enthusiastic platform for teasing the keynote from the moon. Additionally, the release of BlockDAG’s DAGpaper and a notable celebration event in Las Vegas have provided more profound insights into the project. These efforts are crucial in attracting more crypto enthusiasts by demonstrating the project’s technical capabilities and future potential.

Subsequently, BlockDAG’s financial trajectory becomes impressive, with presales and coin price developments signalling strong market confidence. BlockDAG has attained $17.8 million through presale, reaching the 9th batch with a coin price of $0.005. The anticipated price increase to $0.006 in the upcoming 10th batch underlines the growing investor trust in BlockDAG’s promised returns. This strategic marketing and robust performance outline BlockDAG’s potential to meet its ambitious target of 30,000 significant ROI and hit $50 by 2030, setting a strong precedent in the crypto community.

The End Note

In contrast to the potential Shiba Inu rally and fluctuating INJ price, investor attention is captured by the developments on BlockDAG. With its remarkable market progression, an attempt to release a teasing keynote video on the moon, and the 9th batch of presale at a promising coin price of $0.005, BlockDAG is strategically poised to achieve the ambitious goal of a 30,000X ROI, potentially soaring to $50 by 2030. For investors looking towards the future, BlockDAG offers a compelling opportunity. 

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