Astar Network Launches Yoki Origins NFTs on Astar zkEVM

The collection is a collaboration of Astar Network and some of Japan’s leading Web3 blue-chip enterprises.
Image source: Astar Network

Quick take:

  • Astar zkEVM is using Yoki Origins for its gamified user onboarding experience.
  • Candy Girl, Casio, Japan Airlines, and Kyushu Railway Company are some of the Japanese companies participating in the Yoki Origins campaign.
  • Astar has also partnered with leading Web3 applications including Rarible, DappRadar, XO, Dew and Quickswap.

Astar Network, Japan’s biggest blockchain ecosystem has launched the inaugural Yoki Origins NFT campaign. The project features a collection of NFTs from different Japanese enterprises and blue chips. 

The company describes Yoki Origins as a journey to collect and grow Astar’s original characters called “Yoki.” The Yoki Origins NFTs are inspired by Japan’s rich culture and folklore and evolve through the gameplay unlocking “a variety of use-cases, such as granting holders premium access on XO, one of web3’s largest dating apps, or DappRadar premium subscriptions, the world’s largest dApp analysis tool, to name a few examples.”

The experiences are unlocked by accumulating Astar’s version of points called “Lore,” which are gained by completing quests, collecting multiple characters and the in-game item “OMA” created by the participating companies. 

To commemorate the launch of Yoki Origins, the company is giving participants double their daily allowance of OMA! Through March 14.

“As an exciting and educational experience benefitting the entire Astar Network ecosystem, participants get to explore the use cases and benefits of multiple projects across the Astar zkEVM ecosystem, while having fun at the same time!” Astar wrote in a statement on Thursday.

Some of the Japanese enterprises and blue-chips participating in the campaign include Candy Girl, Casio, Japan Airlines, Twin Planet and Kyushu Railway Company, among others.

Astar has also established a portfolio of Web3 partners in its quest to become one of Asia’s leading Web3 companies. The layer-1 blockchain company is collaborating with the likes of Rarible, QuickSwap, NFT Trader, Dew, DappRadar, MintPad and others to grow its ecosystem.

This announcement was also accompanied by the Astar zkEVM mainnet launch, Astar Network’s Ethereum-based layer-2 scaling solution powered by Polygon.


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