Arbitrum Seeks $400 Million From Community to Accelerate Gaming Ecosystem

The Ethereum-based scaling protocol has proposed to the Arbitrum DAO to invest 200 million ARB tokens in promoting gaming projects.
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Quick take:

  • Arbitrum plans to deploy the majority of the funds over two years through grants awarded to publishers and builders.
  • The organisation also plans to use some of the funds to build new tools needed to support gaming on Arbitrum.
  • Arbitrum is looking to catch up with other popular gaming networks like Polygon, Immutable, and Solana.

Arbitrum, the organisation behind the Ethereum layer-2 scaling protocol Arbitrum Network is seeking $400 million to boost its gaming ecosystem. According to a post on the Arbitrum DAO website, the organisation proposes to invest 200 million ARB tokens (approximately $400 million) in promoting gaming projects on its network.

Arbitrum plans to invest 160 million ARB tokens (~$320 million) through a grant program to be deployed to game publishers and builders on its network over two years once approved. The company said the remaining 40 million ARB tokens ($80 million at the time of writing) will go towards revamping its gaming infrastructure by adding new tools needed to build and launch games on Arbitrum.

Dubbed the Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP), Arbitrum said the program will also offer other forms of support including mentorship to expedite the development process.

The company hopes to mirror the success demonstrated by its DeFi ecosystem, which it says has attracted leading projects seeking to leverage its ‘superior technology’. “the GCP aims to attract the best game builders in the industry,” Arbitrum said.

The company has put together a dedicated venture team and expert council to vet projects that will be selected for its GCP program. “The ultimate goal of the GCP is to encourage the development of sticky, high-quality games that not only attract users but also retain them over the long term,” the statement reads.

Arbitrum believes that revamping gaming to its ecosystem to expand beyond DeFi, opens up new opportunities and use cases for the network. “By supporting game development, Arbitrum can diversify its ecosystem and appeal to a broader range of users and developers, with results that include but are not limited to Orbit chain and Stylus adoption.”


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