Alien Seahorse Army Revolutionizes NFT Trading with a Unique Ecosystem

This is a sponsored press release.

Alien Seahorse Army, an innovative player in the NFT space, has officially announced its platform, Tokello, providing exclusive, unlimited access for the holders of Alien Seahorse Army NFTs. This groundbreaking ecosystem will transform the NFT market by offering advanced trading tools, professional-grade analytics, and a vibrant community for both collectors and creators.

As part of its commitment to providing unprecedented value to NFT enthusiasts, the Alien Seahorse Army’s Tokello platform gives holders of their NFTs the ultimate advantage: unlimited, top-level access. This unique offering is designed to equip collectors with the insights, tools, and resources needed to optimize their trading and maximize returns.

For NFT creators, Tokello connects to creators’ brand’s Discord and Twitter as well as community member’s social accounts. This will help creators to provide their community with reward-based incentives, drive brand engagement and promotion, and use Tokello’s suite of advanced analytics, marketing, and growth tools.

Dee Fisher, the visionary behind Alien Seahorse Army, says:

We believe in a democratized NFT market where everyone has access to professional-grade tools and a supportive community. Tokello is not just a platform; it’s a revolution that gives all NFT enthusiasts, irrespective of their expertise level, the superpowers they need to thrive in this dynamic market.

The Alien Seahorse Army NFTs are not only keys to an advanced platform but also passports to a fast-growing community. Holders gain early access to new features, special perks exclusive to NFT holders, and the potential to save thousands of dollars a year in platform access fees.

This summer, 10,000 NFTs will be available for minting, with a presale price of 0.015 ETH per NFT. The public sale will follow a short Dutch auction format, starting at 0.03 ETH and decreasing until it remains at 0.02 ETH per NFT.

With its unique ecosystem and ambitious roadmap, the Alien Seahorse Army is all set to redefine the way the world trades and creates NFTs.

To learn more about Alien Seahorse Army and its revolutionizing platform, Tokello, please visit the website or join the community on Discord and Twitter.

About Alien Seahorse Army

Alien Seahorse Army is a pioneering NFT project with an ultimate utility: giving holders unlimited, top-level free access to an epic Pro NFT platform, Tokello. Alien Seahorse Army is committed to empowering NFT enthusiasts by providing them with professional-grade tools, advanced analytics, and a vibrant community to maximize their returns and success in the NFT market.

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