YouTube Advertises Position for Web3 Designer After Adding NFTs in Creator Tools

Global video streaming and publishing giant YouTube wants to recruit a Web3 designer according to a job advert posted on LinkedIn.
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  • Video streaming giant YouTube has advertised a position for a Web3 designer.
  • The company posted the job advert on LinkedIn on Wednesday looking for candidates with at least 8 years of industry experience.
  • YouTube rolled out NFT and Web3 features in its latest creator tools update announced on Feb. 1.

On Wednesday, the world’s largest video streaming and publishing platform YouTube posted a job advert for a Web3 designer. The publisher rolled out Web3 and non-fungible token (NFT) features in its latest update on creator tools, allowing creators to sell “YouTube Shorts” as NFTs.

According to the job description, the Web3 designer will be responsible for envisioning how people experience the platform’s products and bringing that vision to life in an inspirationally refined magical way.

Highlighting its journey into Web3, YouTube noted that the past year, the world of crypto, NFTs and even DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) has opened up “a previously unimaginable opportunity to grow the connection between creators and their fans.”

The Web3 designer will be tasked with expanding YouTube’s ecosystem by tapping into the emerging opportunities in NFTs whilst strengthening the ex[erience between creators and fans.

YouTube is looking for a person that will help it understand the role of Web3 in its massive creator world. The company will be willing to work with emerging technologies including crypto, NFTs, DAOs and tokens to achieve its goal.

The position seems to be prioritising experience within the space more than the quoted minimum educational requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in Design, emphasising that an 8-year experience in the industry would work as well.

Recently, mainstream fintech and tech executives have left their positions to work with Web3 startups.

Although Youtube is not particularly a startup, its latest expansion into NFTs and the metaverse could be as exciting as the opportunities offered by emerging blockchain companies.

Recently cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase appointed fintech veteran Lory Kehoe as director of NFT success. The company has yet to launch its NFT marketplace despite announcing it last year.

Elsewhere, former TradeFi quant researcher and portfolio manager Sung Choi was recently made Gluwa Capital’s VP of Investment. Gluwa recently showed its hand in the Web3 space after launching an NFT collection to be distributed to its users for free.

Therefore, YouTube’s Web3 hire will be following an emerging trend in the industry with more companies looking to onboard Web3 experts as they embrace emerging technologies in the blockchain space.

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