Yield Guild Games Partners with ForN to Launch YGG Japan

Philippines-based gaming guild Yield Guild Games is expanding into Japan to support Japanese game companies in launching blockchain games.
Image source: ForN Co., Ltd

Quick take:

  • Yield Guild Games aims to lead Japanese gamers to the world of P2E.
  • The gaming guild wants to scale the blockchain game market in Japan through various incentive programs.
  • Yield Guild Games has entered business partnerships with several companies.

Philippines-based gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) has partnered with Japanese company ForN Co., Ltd to enter the Japanese market.

ForN Co., Ltd, which provides a DAO for blockchain games, will operate YGG Japan. The gaming guild aims to lead Japanese gamers to the world of P2E, and hopes to scale Japan’s blockchain game market and expand its network through its scholarship system, guild management tools, and various game-related incentive programs.

YGG Japan will not only provide P2E games to the Japanese market, but it will also support Japanese game companies in launching blockchain games to the rest of the world. 

Japan has long been known for being a content powerhouse, having released several popular manga, anime, and game titles such as Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more.

The country owns several game IPs with new ones being created on a regular basis. YGG Japan will provide an environment for delivering games using Japanese IP and original blockchain games to users all over the world.

With more than 20,000 scholars and over 100,000 players, YGG is one of the largest DAO-type gaming guilds that leases NFTs in-game assets to players in more than 24 countries.

YGG Japan has also raised an undisclosed amount of funds to invest in NFT assets and tokens for blockchain games that are popular both in Japan and overseas. Funds raised will also be used for developing communication tools for domestic users and guilds, investing in domestic and overseas games, as well as marketing expenses.

Companies that have invested in YGG Japan include GameFi, DeFi and Web3 investment firm Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), YGG Southeast Asia, Akatsuki, Double Jump Tokyo, Crypto Games, Kiii, and Days.

“Japanese gamers believe that they will be the perfect community to explore the world of blockchain games. Together with YGG and YGGsubDAO, we believe that YGG Japan will play an integral role in player onboarding, community growth, and partnerships with games that draw Japanese gamers into the Metaverse,” said Gabby Dizon, CEO of Yield Guild Games.

“YGG SEA is a successful example of how the innovative “Play to Earn” model can be deployed in different countries. As a partner of YGG Japan, YGG SEA will provide support such as tools, technology, operational know-how, and network to make YGG Japan a leading game guild in Japan,” added Evan Spytma, CEO of YGG SEA.

YGG previously raised more than $250,000 in cryptocurrency donations for the victims of Typhoon Odette in December last year.

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