World’s First NFT Marketplace for Science and Tech IP Reveals Launch Date and Listing Details

California-based data science and AI platform, RMDS Lab, is launching the world’s first NFT marketplace for science and tech IP starting with data-driven projects.

Quick take:

  • RDMS Lab’s NFT marketplace will focus on serving the science and tech community.
  • The marketplace aims to accelerate the process of research funding via NFT sales.
  • It will start by listing IPs related to scientific research on space exploration, investment predictions and more.

California-based data science and AI platform RMDS Lab will be launching the world’s first NFT marketplace for science and tech IP on March 29.

Founded by former chief data scientist at IBM Alex Liu, RMDS Lab promotes scientific innovation using data science and AI.

The marketplace is open to listing any science and technology NFT projects. However, its launch will start with listing data-driven projects from RMDS Lab’s data science ecosystem GRMDS. 

So far, more than 300 data science projects, workflows, reports, algorithms have been uploaded on the platform and are candidates for listing on the RMDS NFT marketplace. Some of the IPs considered for NFT listing on the marketplace include scientific research on space exploration, Covid risk-mapping, investment predictions, and environmental studies.

The company is also working closely with other experts in the data-driven research field who will be the first to receive invitations to list their IPs on the marketplace.

Liu told NFTgators in an email that the marketplace will not bar non-science and tech-related NFTs, but it will focus on serving science and tech NFT as it has more resources to help evaluate and promote science and technology NFTs.

While science and tech-related NFTs have been sold in the past, there has yet to be a dedicated NFT marketplace for such NFTs. With its NFTmarketplace, RMDS Lab aims to accelerate and simplify the process of scientific research funding via NFT sales, as opposed to the long process when using traditional channels.

Fundraising via the sale of NFTs has proven successful for University of California, Berkeley’s. Last year, the university minted an NFT of documents from Jim Allison’s Nobel prize-winning research on the fourth pillar of cancer immunotherapy. The NFT was auctioned off on Foundation for 22 ETH in June 2021, with 85% of the proceeds going to the campus to support basic research.

On a related note, the US Space Force explored the metaverse with the launch of its first augmented reality NFT collection also in June last year. The collection was created in partnership with entertainment technology and digital agencies WorldwideXR and VueXR.

“We are also working with well-known scientists who may recommend some special items for NFTs to the marketplace before it opens,” Liu said. The scientists are not ready to have their names be made public at press time and more information will be released closer to the launch date of the marketplace.

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