WonderHero Gamers Are Earning 1,215 USDT from P2E Gaming Within First 3 Weeks

Rapidly growing play-to-earn game WonderHero is rewarding early adopters with an average of 1,215 in USDT within their first three weeks.
Image source: wonderhero.io

Quick take:

  • WonderHero Game is rewarding early adopters with an average of 1,215 USDT within the first three weeks.
  • The play-to-earn game has become popular in the blockchain gaming community barely a month after launching.
  • The earnings are driven by high NFT worth per account, which currently stands at $1,150.

Recently launched play-to-earn game WonderHero is rewarding early adopters with significant income within the first three weeks. The blockchain game said on Monday that players are making an average of 1,215 USDT in their first 20 days playing the game.

WonderHero said that the gamers on its platform are earning about $3.27 per day in USDT per account, which sums up to about $65 in 20 days. A majority of the early earnings are driven by high NFT worth per account, which currently stands at about $1,150 in USDT.

The high earnings are proving to be a lucrative monetary incentive for play-to-earn gamers, especially given the current bearish crypto market.

The token earnings come from a combination of the $WND and HON tokens. WonderHero allows players to compete and win tokenised in-game items and NFT drops.

The platform has about 11,000 active users to date, having launched on Jan. 26. Players have already battled over 1.4 million times, earning over 200% in return on investment (ROI) since the time they signed up, making it one of the top P2E games in the market.

The game has players drawn from some of the most engaged gaming communities in the world including, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan. Most gamers from these regions have adopted the P2E gaming ecosystem on mobile phones.

WonderHero says the 1.4 million battles have generated 22.2 million $HON tokens and 129,000 $WND for players, with NFTs selling at an average price of 51 USDT. So far, the sold WonderHero NFTs have a combined trading volume of about $2.5 million USDT.

WonderHero’s most popular NFTs are based on weapons and skins. So far, the most valuable weapon traded at $2,000 USDT while the Hero Skin NFT equivalent garnered $1,999 USDT.

Some equipment NFTs have also attracted premium buyers with the most valuable selling for $400 USDT.

WonderHero’s guild segment has also contributed to its rapid growth. The game opened with record 10 major guilds, making it the first-ever game to launch with as many guilds on the first day. It has since accumulated its guild portfolio to 54 guilds with 3,248 scholars.

The game is also launching a PvP arena, a feature that allows gamers to compete for ranking on the top leaderboard. 

Players are grouped in groups of 30 to compete in a five-tier system that begins Black Iron, the lowest level, all the way up to Legendary. Players qualify to move to the next rank by finishing highest in their group, after which they also stand to receive various prizes.

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