WonderHero Game Exploited for $30M Worth of WND Tokens in Private Keys Hack

Multi-platform play-to-earn game WonderHero has been exploited for 80M in $WND tokens, amounting $30 million after hackers breached its private keys.
Image source: wonderhero.io

Quick take:

  • Popular multi-platform game WonderHero has been exploited for $30M worth of WND tokens.
  • The play-to-earn gaming ecosystem was breached after hackers gained access to its private keys.
  • The WonderHero team said the breach was discovered by PeekShield, a top-tier cybersecurity firm.

Popular multi-platform play-to-earn game WonderHero has become the latest blockchain game to be exploited for millions of dollars. The team behind the mobile gaming metaverse announced Friday its private keys had been hacked.

WonderHero said the breach was discovered by PeekShield, a top-tier cybersecurity firm. Writing in a blog posted on its Medium page, WonderHero said it discovered numerous affected areas of its game but maintained the game’s assets on Polygon remained safe.

WonderHero, which is built on the Ethereum network, uses Polygon’s  L2 scaling protocol to offer faster transactions to gamers.

“Upon closer inspection, all our players’ assets on Polygon are unaffected. The team has made the decision for WonderHero game services to be resumed as it is safe and the least impacted by the attack,” it wrote.

WonderHero said some operations like earning $WND, $HON & NFT assets will resume on April 9, while deposits and withdrawals will be suspended until further notice. “Players can continue to play PVP Arena this week to earn the rewards, but this week’s ranking results will not be considered as the official winners.”

Moreover, with assets stored on Polygon unaffected, marketplace ‘buy and sell’ will also return while the team continues to carry out extensive inspections to ensure the security and safety of the players’ assets.

Meanwhile, WonderHero has set up another team to work on the compensation program for users whose WND token was stolen from platforms like iSwap and Gate.io. The team expects to complete the inspection checks by April 10, 2022 (subject to changes). 

Following the successful completion of the audit process, WonderHero will announce new WND contracts and compensation Airdrop details.

Commenting on the regrettable incident, Ethan Ng, Co-founder & CEO WonderHero said the company was going to work hard to ensure its players feel secure and have fun playing the game.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their trust and continuous support, this has only steeled our resolve to deliver a great game that offers both value and fun to our players.”

Ng ensured the WonderHero community that the team is committed to bringing the multi-platform P2E game to greater heights.

The hack comes barely two weeks after Axie Infinity’s bridging protocol was exploited for a whopping $625 million.

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