Will New Twitter CEO Integrate Meme Coins Into Twitter? A Look At Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and Caged Beasts

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Is Twitter now the preserve of cryptocurrency and its meme coins? That is what many will be speculating about after Linda Yaccarino was appointed as CEO of Twitter. Yaccarino is believed to be a supporter of the meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB), which will have interesting parallels to Twitter owner Elon Musk’s high-profile advocacy of the meme coin giant, Dogecoin (DOGE). If Twitter is now set to become a vehicle for meme coins to amplify their platforms, could we witness new cryptos like Caged Beasts (BST) benefitting from this?

Shiba Inu Has Potentially A Big Ally On Twitter Now

SHIB enthusiasts will be relishing what may happen after Twitter’s new CEO was observed to be following a Shiba Inu account. And while Yaccarino also follows Dogecoin, her not following other established crypto projects has prompted speculation that she may have a particular interest in Shiba Inu or meme coins in general.

It’s now led to many wondering as to what kind of support the $SHIB token could receive. It would be a welcome boost for Shiba Inu in its efforts to establish itself as the leading meme coin.

Dogecoin And Elon Musk Are An Example Of What Could Happen

The reason that many of Shiba Inu’s supporters are excited is that they merely have to look at meme coin rivals Dogecoin’s relationship with Elon Musk to see exactly what kind of effect it could have. Musk has been a keen supporter of Dogecoin for a very long time. He has often made cryptic, or sometimes explicit, references to it. The result has often been that Dogecoin’s price would go shooting off into the stars. In fact, when Musk purchased Twitter – with no mention of Dogecoin – it led to the value of $DOGE rising exponentially. There is a clear effect here where it benefits Dogecoin to have such a keen advocate.

This is what Shiba Inu’s supporters will now be hoping for from Yaccarino. There is a need for caution, though. Elon Musk is one of the world’s most recognizable faces and has amassed a platform that dwarfs that of Twitter’s new CEO. Even if she makes favorable noises toward Shiba Inu, it won’t necessarily be as far-reaching in its effect as that of Dogecoin’s.

Caged Beasts Is A New Upcoming Meme Coin

Cryptocurrency investors are frequently on the lookout for promising new meme coins to add to their portfolios. These projects, which originated several years ago with Dogecoin, have become an intriguing phenomenon within the crypto space. Meme coins typically offer their tokens at low initial prices, and the sheer excitement and popularity surrounding them often result in widespread purchases. Among the latest meme coins seeking to capture attention in the coming weeks and months is Caged Beasts (BST).

Caged Beasts is still in the early stages of its roadmap as it gears up for a potentially prosperous presale. This phase presents a particularly enticing opportunity for investment. During a presale, tokens are typically sold at discounted prices, accompanied by various additional benefits to sweeten the deal. Although the BST token may currently be “caged,” once it gains momentum, this new meme coin could quickly make its presence felt in the mainstream market, growling and roaring its way to success.

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