Wemade Connect Debuts Mobile Play-and-Earn Game ‘Every Farm’

Wemade Connect has announced the official launch of its mobile play-and-earn game ‘Every Farm’ which has farm management and social activities.
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Quick take:

  • South Korean blockchain gaming platform Wemade Connect has officially launched its mobile play-and-earn game ‘Every Farm’.
  • The features a variety of entertainment features including farm management and social activities.
  • Although it also features an ecosystem token its operational mechanism play-and-earn games are not the same as play-to-earn gaming.

Wemade Connect is shifting gears towards the more acceptable new gaming mechanism of play-and-earn after launching its P&E mobile game ‘Every Farm’. 

Play-and-earn gaming is slightly different from play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain games because of what gamers perceive to be a less profit-driven approach. Although Every Farm will have an ecosystem token enabling players to earn real profits, the game ethos is to encourage players to play for fun, with earnings coming as a secondary benefit. 

On the contrary, play-to-earn games are built with a profit motive, encouraging players to play as much as possible to maximise their earnings.

Blockchain game developers are beginning to alt the narrative a bit by rebranding their games to play-and-earn in a bid to onboard more gamers to the new age of gaming.

Mainstream video game developers have also faced strong backlash from their communities after announcing plans to introduce P2E games.

Wemade Connect’s game promises to deliver joy to the players whilst also offering a real opportunity to profit “through an actual economic environment and independent token system simulating business management involving production and sales strategy.”

In the ‘Every Farm’ mobile game, users can cultivate crops at their farms, engage in business activities such as cooking and selling food at restaurants, as well as, enjoy social networking with in-game friends. 

Commenting on the launch, Wemade Connect CEO Ho-dae Lee said: “Obtaining the Flero token and virtual assets in ‘EVERY FARM’ is simple. Just formulating strategies to produce and sell valuable crops, foods, and beverages, and interacting with your in-game friends to enjoy business management simulation will be enough to earn tokens and virtual assets.”

The company is currently celebrating the launch of the ‘Every Farm’ P&E game through June 16 by offering users an opportunity to receive ‘[ALS] Vine House’ upon reaching the tenth level. 

Players can also receive “50,000 gold upon reaching level 20 and 30, and receive 100,000 gold upon reaching level 40,” Wemade Connect wrote in a press statement.

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