Web3 Blogging Platform Mirror Now Allows Writers to Mint their Articles as NFT

Mirror launched Writing NFTs today to allow writers to mint their content as a digital collectible.
Image source: Mirror

Quick take:

  • Writers can set a customisable price and supply for their Writing NFTs.
  • Writing NFTs are completely free for writers to mint.
  • Mirror has also added a global leaderboard and collector profile pages to boost high-quality content.

Web3 blogging platform, Mirror, has introduced Writing NFTs, a new initiative that allows writers to mint their articles as NFTs. Writers on Mirror can now create their first writing NFT from their dashboard and collect from a list of genesis entries curated by Mirror DAO.

Writers on Mirror can set a customisable price and supply for their Writing NFTs, which are completely free for writers to mint. Collection of the NFTs happens on Optimism, an Ethereum Layer-2 network, making transactions inexpensive, quick, and environmentally friendly.

The platform wrote in a blog post that “like everything published on Mirror, Writing NFTs are decentralized and censorship-resistant.” Mirror went on to say that owning a Writing NFT gives collectors a stake in the piece’s legacy and a place within the community that develops around it.

Users with an Ethereum wallet can now collect Writing NFTs. For collectors, buying a piece of Writing NFT is not just a way to rally behind the potential of an idea and signal that they were early adopters or fans of a promising project, but also a way for collectors of that NFT to connect with each other.

Mirror said that many writers in its community have minted their first Writing NFT as part of yesterday’s launch. For example, Web3 podcast host Chase Chapman minted an article titled Co-ownership as a web3 social primitive with a supply of 333 at 0.01 ETH each. 

Once the supply of any Writing NFT is sold out on Mirror, collectors will be able to purchase the NFT on the secondary markets. 

To coincide with the launch of Writing NFTs and boost great ideas, Mirror also added two other new features to improve the discovery of high-quality content published on the platform. It has added the global leaderboard and collector profile pages, which community members can use to find and explore all of the Writing NFTs that have been minted.

“The leaderboard will rank the most popular entries based on the amount of ETH raised and the number of collectors, exposing more writers – and their most resonant ideas – to a wider audience,” Mirror stated in a blog post.

The collector profile pages allow community members to display the Writing NFTs they’ve curated on Mirror. Similarly to perusing a friend’s bookshelf, readers can go to a collector’s profile to find new writing from trusted sources and also build their own reputation as a collector.

To celebrate the launch, Mirror is selling some of its most-read pieces as NFTs, including “Choosing Optimism”, “You Don’t Own Enough ETH” and “NFTs: Consumption vs Investment.” The blog post announcing the Writing NFTs is also up for grabs at 0.01 ETH and has currently been collected by 420 Mirror users.

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