Virtual Reality Platform Cyber Integrates Rarible’s Protocol to Sell NFTs in the Metaverse

Users will be able to buy and sell NFTs directly in a 3D metaverse.
Image source: Vinicius “amnx” Amano on Unsplash

Quick take:

  • The VR app runs on mobile phones and Oculus.
  • It is currently available for NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Users will be able to browse all NFTs that use the Rarible protocol.

Virtual reality platform Cyber has announced a partnership with Rarible today to create a virtual NFT marketplace using Rarible’s protocol.

Cyber, which launched in February last year, enables artists and collectors to display their NFTs in a fully immersive VR world for free, while Rarible’s protocol is a cross-chain open-source NFT protocol created to streamline the process of going to market for NFT projects.

Through this partnership, Cyber will enable users to purchase NFTs directly in a 3D metaverse. Visitors can buy and sell NFTs without leaving their gallery space on Cyber’s platform as long as the NFTs are listed on Rarible. 

These NFTs can be bought and sold on any Cyber space, including RTFKT’s Space and LOOT Pods.

Speaking to Decrypt, Cyber’s founder Rayan Boutaleb said “You had all these top-to-bottom companies that were selling [virtual] land that is quite expensive, and then you had a lot of 2D platforms, but not the option in the middle.”

“We launched and placed the first brick of a bottom-up metaverse company that we would build with the help of the [blockchain] community,” he added.

Cyber’s new functionality is currently only available for NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The app runs on mobile phones and Oculus. 

Users will also be able to access all projects that use Rarible’s protocol beyond Cyber’s marketplace, including 

Launched in 2019, Rarible is both an NFT protocol and marketplace. The protocol also removes the need to create an entire marketplace from scratch as it provides the backend technology for decentralised projects. 

With this solution, creators and developers can focus on project customisation and take advantage of Rarible’s ecosystem of projects to drive innovation as the market grows.

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