Virtual Home Improvement: The Home Depot Files 24 Web3 Trademarks for its Name, Logo, and Brands

Home Depot’s new Web3 trademark applications indicate plans for the company to bring virtual home improvement to the metaverse.
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Quick take:

  • Trademarks were filed for brands including Hampton Bay, Husky, Lifeproof and more.
  • The trademarks cover NFTs, virtual goods and online retail stores.
  • There are also plans for home improvement services in virtual or augmented reality environments.

The Home Depot has filed 24 Web3 trademarks for its name, logo and brands, according to a tweet by trademark attorney, Mike Kondoudis. 

Trademarks were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Nov 17 for brands including Hampton Bay, Husky, Lifeproof and more

The international class 9 trademark covers computer programs featuring home improvement goods for use in virtual worlds; downloadable software for use as vouchers to be redeemed in the virtual world and the real world; downloadable digital assets featuring home improvement goods in the nature of non-fungible tokens (NFTs); and downloadable coupons to be redeemed in the virtual world and real world.

Online retail store services featuring, home improvement goods for use in virtual worlds; operating a virtual store that facilitates the purchase of virtual goods and real-world goods; advertising and marketing services, namely, promoting the goods and services of others in virtual worlds are also covered.

The international class 41 trademark hints at plans for home improvement and DIY projects in virtual reality and augmented reality environments as well as an online non-downloadable platform for users to create virtual home improvement projects for entertainment purposes.

If Home Depot enters the metaverse, it would likely provide interactive entertainment, information, and virtual reality content featuring avatars and home improvement goods for use in virtual worlds as well as the use of non-downloadable software integrating electronic data with real-world environments for purposes of allowing users to try home improvement goods using augmented reality.

In June, home improvement retailer Lowe’s jumped into the metaverse with a metaverse hub that will allow customers to visualize building projects in the immersive 3D virtual space with 500 free downloadable assets, including items such as desks and chairs.

Recently, EveryRealm collaborated with Hometopia to launch a home design game on Roblox that will allow users to build their ideal homes and communities alongside their friends.


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