Untamed Planet Raises $24.3M For Immersive 3D Nature-Based NFT Games

Gaming studio Untamed Planet creates nature-based games to support real-world nature conservation efforts.
Image source: Roblox

Quick take:

  • The investment was led by Animoca Brands.
  • Funds will support the development of Untamed Metaverse.
  • Untamed Metaverse is an upcoming game that supports nature conversation efforts.

Gaming studio Untamed Planet has raised $24.3 million to develop immersive 3D nature-based metaverse and NFT games. The funding round was led by Animoca Brands. 

Animoca Brands has made more than 200 blockchain-related investments, with a focus on blockchain games. The Hong Kong-based software game and venture capital company, along with its subsidiary, Nway, will support the development of Untamed Planet’s upcoming game, Untamed Metaverse. 

Founded in 2020, Untamed Planet creates nature-based games to support real-world nature conservation efforts. The gaming studio has previously received seed funding from Afterpay co-founder Nick Molnar. 

The new funding will support the development of Untamed Metaverse, a 3D immersive game that allows players to explore digital twins of real-world natural landscapes, participate in quests, collect in-game NFT assets, and form communities passionate about nature conservation. 

Using Web3 technology, Untamed Planet will build sustainable channels for donation to nature conservation efforts while creating play-to-earn and play-to-protect opportunities for community members.

The gaming studio has partnered with WildArk, a registered non-profit organisation that’s working with numerous conservation organisations around the world committed to protecting fragile ecosystems and threatened species.

“What excites me about the Untamed Planet mission is the opportunity to merge mainstream gaming with the new prospects that Web3 enables for digital ownership by players in order to drive real-world conservation – this project is epic,” said Scott Bandy, studio head of Untamed Planet, in a statement. “We couldn’t have hoped for better partners than Animoca Brands and Nway.”

Untamed Planet said that all its blockchain projects, including Untamed Metaverse, will prioritise energy efficiency and sustainability. Its first NFT project will be minted on Solana. According to Solana’s Mar 2022 energy use report, an average Solana transaction uses 2,707 Joules — or less energy than three Google searches, while minting one Solana NFT uses three times less energy than keeping an LED light bulb on for an hour.

The gaming studio has also committed to a 50% profit share for nature, meaning that it will donate, invest or distribute half of each project’s profits to ground conservation initiatives and the local communities supporting them. Some projects in the Untamed Planet ecosystem will give over 50% and up to 100% of the proceeds to conservation efforts.

Untamed Planet’s first play-to-protect game made its debut on Roblox, which has seen 30 million plays since its launch in early 2021. With the proceeds from in-game transactions, the game has already financed the adoption of a Black Rhino calf in Kenya and supported rangers protecting the Eastern Lowland Gorillas of Virunga National Park in Congo.

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