Unstoppable Domains Launches UD Parking, a Web3 Domains Storage Solution

The company will allow web3 domain holders to store their domains in secure private vaults created specifically for them.
Image source: Unstoppable Domains

Quick take: 

  • Unstoppable Domains has launched a new storage service for web3 domains.
  • UD Parking will allow holders to store their domains in private vaults created specifically for them.
  • Domain holders will retain the ability to store their web3 domains in custodial wallets.

Unstoppable Domains has introduced a new service for its web3 domain holders. The NFT domains service provider on Monday launched UD Parking, a new solution that will allow users to store their web3 domains in secure private vaults, designed specifically for them. According to the announcement, users will also retain the ability to store their domains in self-custody wallets should they choose to.

According to Unstoppable Domains, the new service allows NFT domain holders to separate their domains from other crypto assets, thus making sure they are not compromised in case of a breach in their self-custody wallets.

“With UD Parking, the private keys to your vault are encrypted and protected, in alignment with industry best practices,” the company wrote in a Twitter post.

Traditionally, domain parking involves registration of a domain with associating it with any service like an email or website. Several NFT domain holders do not currently have active services associated with their domains. 

With unstoppable Domains, users will not be able to update the domain records of their parked domains “(like setting wallet addresses or updating your profile picture), but you can transfer a parked domain into a self-custodial wallet to make updates at any time.”

The company has advised UD domain holders that have an Unstoppable “custody wallet to switch to UD Parking or transfer [the] domains to a self-custodial wallet by April 10, 2023, at 12:00pm UTC.”

UD Parking will cost holders an additional $4 per year on each domain under $100 and $10 on each domain costing $100 or higher.

The service is available to all types of web3 users, including first-time domain owners, those getting started with web3, or even those just looking for a place to store their domains.

The Unstoppable Domains service is applicable in a variety of web3 use cases. The company has teamed up with blockchain and metaverse gaming platforms to integrate its secure UD log-in service, which allows gaming communities to use their web3 domains as log-in across multiple gaming platforms.

The service can also be leveraged to develop secure crypto wallet services, after partnering with Blue Studios for a family-first web3 wallet service.


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