Time Studios is Bringing Toy Boogers and Smilesssvrs NFT Characters to Kids TV

Time studios is revamping its NFT-inspired Kids TV shows, teaming up with Waheed’s Smilesssvrs and Doug’s Toy Boogers NFT collections following last year’s Robotos.
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Quick take:

  • Time Studios has teamed up with two NFT projects to bring their characters to Kids TV.
  • The studio’s Kids and Family unit is making two TV shows based on Waheed’s Smilesssvrs and Doug’s Toy Boogers NFT collections.
  • Time also collaborated with Pablo Stanley’s Robotos NFT collection last year in a similar for a similar TV show.

Time Studios is teaming up with two major kids-centred NFT projects to launch Kids TV shows based on the characters in the collections. The media company’s Film and TV production unit is collaborating with Waheed’s Smilesssvrs and Doug’s Toy Boogers NFT collections, following the success of a similar project launched last year.

Time teamed up with NFT project Robotos, creating a TV show based on the characters in the collection.

The studio is leveraging a rising demand for animated kids fare TV shows as leading content providers compete for original TV shows to beef up programming. Time already has an exciting series of Kids TV shows based on classic children’s books and toys. The company now wants to draw more inspiration from family-friendly NFT projects that could bring a new perspective to Film and TV production.

Commenting on the new tie-up with the two NFT projects, Time president Keith Grossman said the company sees an opportunity in building an exclusive library of intellectual property (IP) based on the digital creative space of NFTs. 

“Both Waheed and Doug have amassed large, passionate communities within Smilesssvrs and Toy Boogers, and we are excited to welcome them to our growing roster of NFT creators within Time and Time Studios,” he said, adding that Time hopes to become the ‘de facto’ studio for the Web3 era.

Due to the increased focus on Web3 inspired projects, Grossman will be shifting to a new role within the organization, helping steer the company’s growth within the Web3 ecosystem,  Time editor-in-chief and CEO Edward Felsenthal announced earlier this week.

The company also revealed that Time Studios now accounts for 25% of the overall revenue.

Waheed Zai’s Smilesssvrs collection is made up of 8,888 unique 3D characters based on the several people, places and emotions he has encountered through his artistic journey, while Toy Boogers is a collection of 3,334 cartoonish characters from the artist Doug.

Maria Perez-Brown, head of kids & family for Time Studios believes that some of the most successful kids TV shows have characters built on rich worlds. 

“Waheed’s characters are focused on culture, fashion, hip-hop and Smilesss, whereas Doug’s Toy Booger characters are combined with all their avatars and now live in the metaverse. They couldn’t be more different, but both artists share a passion for their characters and the community that supports them.”

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