This NFT Domain Service Allows Users to Secure Their Digital Identity Across Different Apps and Websites

Launched on January 11, Login With Unstoppable provides a new way for users to log into Web2 and Web3 apps with their NFT domain as a username.
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Last Updated on March 16, 2023

Quick take:

  • It’s the first NFT single sign-on service for Ethereum and Polygon.
  • Users can log in to apps, games and metaverses across Web2 and Web 3 with a single username.
  • The service also protects users against data mining as users can control the sharing of their personal data.

Unstoppable Domains announced the global launch of its single sign-on service Login With Unstoppable on January 11. It is the first functional NFT single sign-on solution for Ethereum and Polygon, allowing users to create unique NFT domains.

As Web3 adoption spreads, Login With Unstoppable is the latest digital identity solution to enter the market, joining other decentralised naming systems like Handshake Domains and Ethereum Naming System.

The Unstoppable domains also serve as universal usernames across various apps and metaverses on Web2 and Web3. With that, users can verify and maintain 100% ownership of their digital identity, as well as decide what kind of personal data they want to share with third-party applications.

The universal usernames also improve web3 onboarding as every app can reference the domain to pull info that the user has permitted to share or show in the app, such as their domain name or NFT profile pictures.

“Web3 needs a better onboarding experience, and this foundational layer for digital identity is fundamental for our customers and partners in achieving this mission,” said Matthew Gould, Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Domains. “Login with Unstoppable provides a foundation for digital identity in the Web3 era by allowing people to carry a unique username across wallets, apps, services, games, and the metaverse. NFT domains now become a unique internet identifier that can be used as a login with Web3 superpowers.”

As the login is tied to a domain and not a particular private-public key pair, users can move domains around seamlessly, which is especially useful if they want to rotate their keys or transfer the domain with their attached digital identity to another wallet.

Since its beta launch in October 2021, Login With Unstoppable has hit over 2 million domain name registrations ending in .crypto, .nft, .wallet and more.

For companies, it is the first free solution that allows members to log in using an NFT domain, instead of connecting a wallet. So far, 58 companies have either already integrated or are integrating Login With Unstoppable.

Some early integrations include gaming apps Drakons, MegaCryptoPolis, Farsite, and ChainGuardians; Metaverse app Parcel, NFT projects Deadheads and The Radiant Society, DeFi projects Cook Finance, DeHive, GoodGhosting, Pruf, SonikChain, WSBDapp, Saddle Finance, and; and IP company EducationNFT.

Login With Unstoppable aims to eliminate the need to create multiple usernames and passwords across Web3, and hopes to support proof-of-humanity verification in the future.

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