The Sandbox Creators and Designers to Participate in ‘The Next Top Metaverse Build’ Competition

Leading metaverse land platform the Sandbox has joined the first-ever metaverse buildathon event, dubbed, “The Next Top Metaverse Build” competition.
Image source: The Next Top Metaverse Build

Quick take:

  • The Sandbox has joined the first-ever “The Next Top Metaverse Build” competition.
  • The virtual land metaverse platform creators and designers will participate in the buildathon event.
  • The Sandbox said it will also donate $100,000 in SAND tokens to the competition.

The Sandbox has become the latest major virtual land platform to join the first-ever metaverse buildathon event dubbed, “The Next Top Metaverse Build”. The Sandbox creators, designers and participants will have an opportunity to showcase and improve their design skills.

The competition is designed to challenge architects, designers, and 3D developers to create virtual infrastructure designs in various categories including buildings, museums, NFT galleries, casinos and amphitheatres.

The Sandbox is also donating $100,000 worth of SAND tokens to the event. Commenting on the donation and participation in the competition, Sebastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox said that supporting the next generation of metaverse entrepreneurs is part of the organization’s goals.

“By joining The Next Top Metaverse Build competition, we are not only improving the skills of our designers but are encouraging the metaverse ecosystem as a whole to up its game.”

The Sandbox has evolved over the years since starting out as a mobile game in 2012. It embraced blockchain technology in 2018, migrating to the Ethereum network.

It is now one of the leading metaverse worlds hosting several metaverse projects ranging from digital land to blockchain games.

Contestants in the inaugural The Next Top Metaverse Build will stand a chance to win $50,000 worth of the Renovi tokens (RNVI), a parcel of land offered by the Decentraland Foundation. There is also an opportunity to win software subscriptions to key design tools and programs.

Andy Charalambous, the co-founder of Renovi, added: “We are thrilled to welcome The Sandbox to the competition. Having their expertise will bring a higher level of competitiveness to the competition. We also greatly appreciate the generous donation – it will help ensure the highest quality competition in the metaverse to date.”

The competition has also attracted participants from the largest metaverse platform by market capitalisation, Decentraland and Metaverse Group, a metaverse investment company centred on virtual real estate.

The competition is open for developers to join until March 31, 2022.

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