The Sandbox and Altava Launch an Exclusive NFT Collection to Bring Luxury Fashion to the Metaverse

Leading metaverse gaming platform The Sandbox has partnered with Altava Group to launch an exclusive NFT collection, bringing luxury fashion to both metaverse worlds.
Image source: The Sandbox/Medium

Quick take:

  • Thee Sandbox has teamed up with Altava Group to bring luxury fashion to teh metaverse.
  • The two metaverse companies have collaborate to launch an exclusive NFT collection.
  • Those who buy NFTs from the marketplace will be able to use their collections on both metaverse worlds.

The Sandbox is expanding its product offering to include luxury fashion following its most recent partnership announcement. The digital land platform has teamed up with Altava Group another metaverse company to launch an exclusive NFT collection.

According to the announcement published by the Sandbox on Medium, holders of the NFTs from the collection will be able to use them on both metaverse worlds. Altava Group’s metaverse platform is centred on luxury fashion. The Sandbox is leveraging its experience in digitizing assets to allow high-end luxury brands to create avatars in its metaverse.

Altava has also purchased a virtual plot on The Sandbox to allow its users to interact with some of the world’s largest fashion brands.

Commenting on the partnership, Sebastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox said, “we believe that Altava and The Sandbox Exclusive Season 1 NFT Collection and their upcoming Altava Land in The Sandbox will add a unique luxury fashion experience to our rapidly expanding community and ecosystem.”

The NFT collection will launch on March 24, and will allow buyers of the NFTs to use them “in both The Sandbox and ALTAVA Worlds of You metaverse”.

The Sandbox is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, a blockchain investment company focusing on GameFi and NFT projects. In recent fundraising, co-founder and chairman of Animoca Yat Siu said the company would look to expand its product offerings through partnerships, acquisitions and product development. Its collaboration with Altava aligns with that commitment.

Andy Ku, CEO of Altava Group expects the partnership to yield a real-life case of interoperability, addressing one of the biggest topics in the blockchain and metaverse space.

“We will continue to expand to other blockchain-based metaverses, starting with a collaboration with The Sandbox,” Ku added.

Although Singapore-based, Altava Group has established a strong operating presence in South Korea. 

Participants of the exclusive Season 1 NFT Collection will be able to access the collection via Altava Group’s website, which will redirect them to the OpenSea NFT marketplace where they will be able to mint the NFTs.

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