Tech Mahindra Launches Meta Village to Gamify Learning on Roblox

Students will be able to learn the basics of computers and coding in Bharat MarkUp Language (BHAML) on Roblox.
Image source: Tech Mahindra

Quick take:

  • Meta Village was launched by Makers Lab, the R&D arm of Tech Mahindra.
  • BHAML is a platform built by Makers Lab that enables people to code in their native language.
  • Learning will be done in a classroom on Roblox.

Tech Mahindra’s research and development arm, Makers Lab, has launched Meta Village, a metaverse twin of Pargoan, a village in the state of Maharashtra, India. Pargoan is the first Indian village to have a virtual twin.

The Meta Village will be a space where students can learn the basics of computers and coding n Bharat MarkUp Language (BHAML) through gamified sessions on Roblox. BHAML  is a platform built by Makers Lab that enables people to code in their native language.

Makers Lab has already been teaching children the basics of computers and BHAML as part of Tech Mahindra’s initiative to promote technical education in rural India. 

“We believe that education systems must constantly reinvent to leverage innovative approaches and new technologies to their full potential. Metaverse is one such disruptive technology that has the power to revolutionize learning through immersive digital experiences,” said Nikhil Malhotra, global head of Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra.

The learning will be done through live and offline sessions in a classroom in the Pargoan Meta Village on Roblox. 

“With the launch of Meta Village, Tech Mahindra will harness the power of metaverse to build innovative solutions that can have a positive impact on the society. As part of TechMVerse, Meta Village will gamify the learning process for children in rural India thereby providing them with an opportunity to develop the crucial technical skills needed to become tomorrow’s disruptor,” Nikhol Malhotra added.

In February, Tech Mahindra unveiled its metaverse practice, TechMVerse, formed to tap opportunities in the emerging field.

E-learning is becoming a solid use case for the metaverse as educators and learners located in different cities or countries can collaborate, study and socialise in an immersive environment, while gamification makes learning fun and enhances the overall learning experience. 

Recently, World of Women (WoW)  partnered with The Sandbox to bring crypto education to women, with classes held via the WoW University on the metaverse platform. Ledger also announced a partnership with The Sandbox last week to promote crypto education and security on the platform.

In February, the former head of Twitter India, Manish Maheshwari, secured $5 million in funding to build Invact Metaversity, a metaverse university that currently offers a 16-week metaMBA program with lectures held in an immersive 3D virtual world.

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