Taiwan Jumps on the Crypto Art Train as First Physical Art NFT Exhibition Kicks Off

Taiwan is debuting its first physical art NFT at the Timeless Space exhibition in Taipei. The NFT Museum also joins the Web3 craze, starting a community for digital artists.
Image source: taiwannews.com.tw

Quick take:

  • Taiwan’s first physical art NFT exhibition dubbed “The Hope” has kicked off at Muheng Shared Space in Taipei.
  • The NFT museum plans to leap into Web3 by creating a community of digital artists.
  • Timeless Space will offer digital artists a limited-edition monthly membership for just 1,900 yuan approximately $300 per month.

Taiwan’s first physical art NFT “The Hope” launched on Tuesday at Timeless Space Museum in Taipei. The exhibition will run for two weeks, with several artists expected to showcase their artwork.

The event will also mark the beginning of a digital art campaign, effectively making Taiwan the latest country to hop on to the Crypto Art train. Timeless has announced a limited-edition offer to digital artists to be part of its digital art community.

Timeless founder David Liu was inspired to build Taiwan’s first art NFT “The Hope” after attending a small art NFT gathering which attracted over 80 people when they were only expecting about a dozen. 

The Hope has now become a prototype for Taipei artists and the future of the art community as the world continued to onboard to Web3.

Taipei’s NFT art museum has also announced a monthly membership offer of 1,900 yuan approximately $300 per month to digital artists and collectors, which is about 10% of what the US shared office space company WeWork charges for an office space.

Timeless is looking to build a community of digital artists as a tribute to futuristic artists prepared to jump into the next frontier of art in the age of Web3. Members of the community will have prelaunch access to future NFT art events.

This February NFT exhibition, The Hope will showcase artwork from different artists all sharing the same theme, which is to inspire hope for the future. 

The event will run for two weeks and encourages different concepts for every bi-weekly exhibition to inspire different types of artists to showcase their work as NFTs.

Although Crypto Art activity seems to have slowed at the beginning of 2022, this segment of NFTs still holds the record for the most expensive digital artwork ever sold as NFT.

“The Merge”, created by the renowned artist who goes by the Pseudonym ‘Pak’ sold for $91.8 million in early December 2021 on NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway, eclipsing the previous record-holder, Beeple’s “Everydays’ The First 5000 Days” that sold for $69.3 million in March.

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