StepN Launches “Realm” Gaming for Multi-Cultural Experiences

Popular move-to-earn game StepN has become a trend after announcing a new gaming concept that will bring about different cultural experiences to its platform.
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Last Updated on June 12, 2022

Quick take:

  • StepN has been one of the most popular metaverse games this month.
  • The move-to-earn gaming ecosystem’s utility tokens have witnessed a significant uptick in activity with withdrawals and deposits rising.
  • StepN has announced “Realm”, which will bring about multiple cultural experiences to its gaming ecosystem.

StepN is stepping it up in the move-to-earn gaming space after announcing Realm. The popular blockchain game said Realm will help introduce multiple cultural experiences to the platform.

Posting on Twitter on Tuesday, StepN wrote: “A realm is a server that hosts a fork of the game,” enabling different users to play the same game in different realms.

StepN said it is inviting partners to book reservations for its 4th realm, which is open for bidding.

Explaining what Realm means on the StepN-verse, the blockchain gaming company wrote: “In the STEPN-verse, users will find different realms that share a set of common laws,” which include sharing energy across realms, using GMT tokens across realms, while the in-game utility tokens remained rooted to their native realms.

StepN said that each Realm will be able to structure its own branding and community culture, including defining various in-game features like colour theme, utility tokens and visuals of NFTs, among others. Users will be allowed to create their own realms upon joining the StepN-verse.

StepN also stressed the feasibility of its plans highlighting the fact it has achieved over $100 million in monthly revenue, has 3 million monthly active users and over 800k daily active users.

StepN is looking to build a metastructure that will help its Web3 partners to unlock infinite possibilities in the communities.

StepN has recently seen its transactions activity rise with withdrawals and deposits reaching new all-time highs. According to data compiled by Dune Analystics’ @OxeArt, “yesterday, the STEPN deposits and withdrawal transactions reached a single-day ATH of over 149K transactions.”

StepN has grown to become one of the most popular move-to-earn games in the crypto space following its joint NFT project with Asics last month.

The platform seems to have reignited interest in crypto gaming given its unique approach to blockchain games.

However, some experts wonder whether StepN’s move-to-earn game can even be called a game.

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